It’s holiday season, which means it’s also time for you to return to the warmth and coziness of your home. Get ready for the warm hugs, family lunches, and a lot of fun. But, going back home shouldn’t keep you from exploring the outdoors. It might just be a bit of an issue for introverts like me to step out of our comfort zone when we’re at home. I must confess that I too, just like most of you, enjoy the comforts of a lazy, laid-back attitude, the security of the familiar and the tranquility of repetition.

But of late, I’ve stopped spending as much time gazing at my smartphone. I have developed this very good habit of exploring the vicinity.  I believe every time I start exploring the vicinity, the attempt takes me an inch closer to my ultimate goal of decoding nature in its entirety and understanding all of its countless mysteries.

Don’t hesitate to step out-of-doors while you’re at home, here’s how:

  • Undertake a recce: This exercise is as simple as a leisurely stroll in a local park. You’ll get access to fresh air if you roam around. It is one of those exercises that'll give you way more fulfillment than a smartphone or a laptop possibly can. You can even stop by a roadside kiosk to have a light snack, because nothing gives you more satisfaction than a hearty snack such as chocolate.
  • Walk through the neighbourhood: Try taking out time for a 10-minute-long walk. You can just walk through the neighborhood in your bid to digest the sumptuous meal you’ve just enjoyed. You can undertake this exercise while carrying a nice snack, such as chocolate, and before your favourite film begins running on TV.
  • Organize a family get-together:  All of us need to organize a lavish family get-together full of chats, gossips, friendly banters, and chocolate.  You can hatch a plan and meet at a restaurant or a bar - it's a great opportunity to catch up and renew old friendships.
  • Walk rather than driving: Walking in a winter wonderland is a hell of a way to lift your spirits. Go to a nearby zoological park or a botanical garden perhaps. Some of these places might be a bit too far, but it’s always good to try them out.
  • Sip your coffee, out-of-doors: Prepare a hearty cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and sit on the balcony while staring tirelessly at the mountains or the lush green fields. You’ll feel yourself being engulfed by contentment.

These tiny little bits and pieces can help you in your bid to renew your love for the outdoors in 2018, even if you’re staying at home during the holiday season. Just make sure you don’t push your limits too far in your bid to explore the outdoors. Explore one thing at a time. Maintain a reasonable speed while you walk. Get a friend or two to accompany you when you go out for a walk during the early hours of the evening. Make sure to create some everlasting memories while holidaying.