Post Covid-19 situation, many travel destinations have put restrictions on wanderlust-ing souls. The Welsh coastline, thankfully, is not shut down and is ready to welcome you in its beachy arms. But, what is in Wales that tempts the traveler in us? There are certain gems in the area that are not only easy to enjoy but also possess the beauty of nature. Even on a busy Saturday evening, you can find tranquility on these 4 beaches of Wales. Find your peace by visiting these places.


Ramsgrove, Gower Peninsula

Located in the south of the Gower Peninsula, Ramsgrove hoards the shape of a cove. Packed with pebbles and limestone pools, the magnificent beach is a scenic route to drown yourself in. A valley that carries a dramatic steep path leads to the parking station at Rhossili. As you walk along this coastal path, don't forget to take mini trips to the caves alongside. You will love to step into the Paviland Cave, home to the remains of the prehistoric era built in the form of a young man. If you are a geologist or interested in rocks, you will find a haven here. Or else, you can simply come here to escape the city's humdrum.

Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend

Want to enjoy short walks? The Merthyr Mawr village boasts a line of cottages that create a charming effect. The beach is an extensive show of dunes that elevate the overall appeal. The Candleston Castle, a haunted landmark with a reputation of its own, which was also once a proud part of the Treganlaw village, now lies at the corner of the beach inciting more curiosity.  The shore is quiet as the thrashing of waves filters through the beachy air. You can click pictures here or simply sit and enjoy connecting to nature. Sunbathing is an ideal activity you can try on the coastlines as you read your favourite passages from a book or lose yourself in the picturesque beauty.

Mowingword Bay, Pembrokeshire

Mowingword Bay is a destination for those who are in a constant search for a hidden treasure. It is not the easiest place to reach but the best things in life always require effort. It involves either kayaking or paddling through the Broad Haven South. If you are a swimmer, you can take the way from Box Bay. The only way to try any of these is when the tide is low. But, once you reach the place, you will find that it was worth the hassle.

The picture-perfect coast shows off sparkling blue water playfully meeting the limestone cliffs. The back of the beach is a splendid show of caves that look like archaic cathedrals. The beach is a perfect representation of Wales with all its beauty intact. The enchantment is real and rare, something even the locals won't consider finding anywhere else in the vicinity. Visiting this beach would be taking you one step closer to exploring the world in depth.


Traeth y Coubal, Ceredigion

Traeth y Coubal is an easy walk for those who are looking for a breath of relief amidst the chaos. A mile from the New Quay, this beach has secluded itself from the cries of the city. You can enjoy a picnic here or surf without any spectators disturbing your focus. Apart from an occasional boat trip, the place is a haven for those who are looking for solitude.