You must be feeling elated after you have caught your first sea bass and it’s even trickier to know how to cook it. You have already been victorious at the catching part which is the hardest part and now comes the part which is easy when compared with the part of getting hold of the sea bass.

The few steps which you need to keep in mind while cooking the sea bass are as follows:

Step 1:

You must take a filleting knife if you go out on fishing. Also, you do not need to forget your humanely behaviour. You must use a landing net and quickly give it a sharp blow just behind the eyes. This should be enough to take its life but if it still moves, then do it again firmly and with greater force.

Step 2:

With a sea bass caught, you would definitely want to descale it. You can use descaling tool to achieve this. If you do not have one, then you could use the back of the dinner knife. Fill the sink with water and rinse the fish, When the fish is in water, then hold the tail and run the knife from top till its head. You can see the scales come out in water. Rub the fish with your hands and check whether it’s smooth or not. And you are onto the next step.

Step 3:

Sharpen the filleting knife and scissors to make your job easier. You would need to chop the fins with the help of knife and scissors. Hold it as close as possible to the body. Mind you that this wouldn’t be very easy as the fins are amazingly strong and are full of spikes.

Step 4:

Find a tin foil and get all the different kind of spices from your cupboard. Lay down a piece of tin foil which is a little more than double the length of your fish, then pop the bass on it. Use salt and pepper to grind all over the surface of the bass. You can also stuff some butter inside the bass. Now bang on to the next step.

Step 5:

You have got two choices, you can either cook this in the oven and be cautious of the happenings. Or you can do the coolest way and get your BBQ and head to the beach. Bring some bread, plates and kitchen roll if you want to keep things all properly organised.

Step 6:

Pay close attention to that fact that the bass should not be overcooked. It should be cooked at a bare minimum temperature.

Step 7:

When it is all done, all the meat should be white. Finally eating time of the bass has arrived.

Step 8:

You can get some fresh bread and make a baguette or a tasty bass tap.