I don’t easily get nervous and neither am I shy. I just love privacy, space, and being alone. It is sometimes in the solitude that you come by the most marvelous revelations of life. Over and over, I have camped in groups, but have always had my preference of a separate, single tent. I like to sit inside all by myself, under the starry sky, thinking about the day, people, place, and myself.

“Hey, why are you so shy? You can open up, trust us,” is the kind of statements my introvert nature has dealt with quite some time now. People speak extra softly, more politely like they would with a scared wild animal lost in the city. Well, I trust people. Most of us introverts do, but we love our own company – even during camping.

I have been camping for more than a couple of years now. I have camped with friends, family, and solo. All those experiences were equally great and grand even in some cases.  But, every night, I would go to my own single tent and sit with a pen and a diary. Under the light of a lamp, I would jot down my thoughts about the itinerary. And it is as much fun as sitting beside a bonfire and singing songs or sharing scary stories.

Hard to believe, bud!

I can hear you extroverts say it loud enough. But, this is my truth. I am an introverted adventurer and my list of a campsite to-do-list includes sitting aside all by myself, observing everything quietly.

You can share it with us, we are here for you.

Of course you are but for me, after a particular time, no company is as soothing as silence and solitude. Talking is good; in fact, I can go on for hours when in the mood. But, when forces or pushed, I can be as blank as the void in space. At least it has dust particles. Henceforth, I you ask me to ‘speak up’, I am more likely to get ‘shut down’.

Common boy, get past that comfort zone and enjoy with us.

Now, here comes the tricky part. I have struggled to find the balance between getting out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond my fortress of solitude, to balance my zest for adventure and need for silence. And that’s where I finally realised that the adventures I pursue are laced with danger of falling, getting my bones broken in an avalanche, and embracing the anxiety of a fast flowing river, especially when I am rafting on its waters. To enjoy rather than leave like a freight train, I need to balance my physical and emotional vulnerability with the risk of losing myself to some grave danger. And to achieve such a balance, I require space and silence. Only I can drown my fears and free-fall off a cliff into that fast-flowing river without losing my physical and emotional integrity.

So, are you always sitting alone in a corner?

Definitely not! I like the company of people who are at home with my silence. Because no matter how much I like someone and their company, I will always slip away and wander off. But, I will eventually come back to the group, to the people.

Always have, always will.