Occam's razor is a methodology used in logic and to help resolve the problems around decision making when you are faced with a number of competing options. Essentially if you apply the methodology to a number of different hypotheses then the simplest hypothesis, or the one that makes the fewest assumptions, is the one most likely to be true or the one that should be selected. Great! you say, thanks for your input and exactly how does this help me select a pair of walking boots? Well actually in one essential way. There can be an almost paralysing range of options to choose from when selecting a pair of walking boots. 

You know: 

What Price? What Style? What material should they be made of?

The selection list goes on and on. If you read all the advice online or in the walking magazines you’ll end up never being entirely sure just exactly what you want or need from your boots. That’s without thinking about what you should pay for them. So as with many things in life the easiest solution might be to apply Occam’s razor.

Just ask these two questions. What do I want them for? How much do I want to pay? Yes that really is it. If you want the boots for walking the dog to the pub 2 or 3 nights a week pick one type. If you want them for trekking to Everest Basecamp in winter pick another. Oh and buy the best pair you can afford for the job that you want them for. There is an even simpler method; however, you could just go directly to our walking boot section or Outdoor Look’s razor as I like to call it. Try our Karrimor Bodmin waterproof walking boots. It really is that simple. There that’s your walking boot buying problems sorted. Tomorrow on to walking trousers and world peace.