Winter is coming to an end, hopefully, and so it is time to check through my outdoor gear and equipment and see what needs replacing and the first piece to consider is a new rucksack. The Berghaus rucksack would be my choice and I have chosen the Berghaus 25 litre Remote to be my new daypack.

Top loading packs are more like to the rucksacks you use for weekend or longer trips and normally have a zip, or a combination of zip and clip to secure it. Generally speaking you can fit more into this type of bag as pieces of kit can be ‘stuffed in’, but this can have a downside when you are trying to find something specific when you need it.

So generally speaking top loads are generally for heavier loads and allow for a better weight distribution, and front loaders are built for lighter loads and easier access

OK, I need it to be big enough to fit a day’s requirements, on top of what kit I am already wearing, so what would the essentials be: water, snacks (and plenty of them in my case), first aid kit, extra clothing (we all know what the British weather can be like, so something around the 25 litre mark should be plenty. However, you might find that if you walking in a group rather than solo some of this can be shared

OK next thing to consider is how big I need the daypack to be. Well personally speaking I tend to take more than I need, just in case, so in this case size does matter. I need room for the essentials, things such as water, snacks (and plenty of them), emergency pack, extra clothing and in my case at least one book. Other items will need to be added to this depending on what walk is planned. As I tend to do a lot of solo walking (Billy no mates that’s me) that I carry everything, but if walking in a group that you may be able to share the load and so be able to use smaller packs. On the other side of the coin if out with the family, especially involving kids that one adult tends to become the pack mule for everyone else so you may require something larger to fit everything.

The pack should have some form of support and padding. Padded shoulder straps seem to be standard these days but waist straps aren’t, so if you think a heavier load will be involved that this will be a must as these help to distribute the weight across your hips as well as the shoulders. Maybe an internal frame may be worth looking at as this will help the back and make you more balanced.

Ventilation is essential. Here is nothing worse than getting to your destination, taking off your pack and finding it soaked with sweat. Check the construction to see whether it has used breathable materials, especially on the back.

External pockets are extremely useful for those items you will need quick access to, such as the drinks bottle, guide book/maps, etc., but remember that each filled pocket I a little extra weight

So for me the Berghaus Remote would be ideal the flow backsystem gives me the ventilation I need and being on the tall size the height adjustable chest strap really makes a difference, while the removeable hip-belt means I have the option of utilising this for work as well as leisure. Plus it has the added bonus of having an internal organiser reducing the fear of potential fallout when I open it.

Now available on the website and in our Macclesfield outlet, but they are already selling so be quick