With the summer weather set to stay, for the next dew days at the very least, now is the time to choose some outdoor clothing for women, and what better than a pair of cargo shorts. Their roomy look and feel has made this piece of apparel very popular, for both men and women. Originally developed for hunting and use in the military, with colours to blend in with the environment around them.

However this has now changed with ladies being able to choose from a rainbow of colours and styles from various leading manufacturers. Blues, reds and pinks are not uncommon but the more traditional greens, greys and browns are still available. Back in vogue as far as the fashion stakes are concerned for being both comfortable and versatile, the humble pair of cargo shorts can be seen from Hollywood to Cricklewood and all points in between and it is available in both four and six pocket versions.  Not just for hiking this garment can be worn for everyday activities because they are so comfortable to wear.

Another point in there favour is that because of the modern fabrics used in there construction, they are so easy to care for, simply throw them in the washer, dry them and they are ready to go again. Because the majority are now cut for the female form, they can look quite stylish matched with other clothing and accessories. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say that are becoming timeless and almost iconic as a piece of clothing.

However, remember that the first consideration is the purpose you bought them for, so if they are primarily for outdoor activities such as walking and hiking then consider looking for the following:

Waist – Look for a stretchy waist, with a belt as this gives a measure of adjustability, and some shorts even have a soft lining for extra comfort.

Stretch – Some manufacturers are using stretch fabric (two-way and four-way) for extra comfort and freedom of movement. However, if the cut is good, stretch in one direction is fine, and shorts with no stretch can be comfortable too, if they are well-designed for your body shape.

Ventilation – This allows you to cool down so look for mesh-lined pockets to increase airflow.

Pockets – It can be useful for some pockets to have zips to keep items safe, and one that can accommodate a map or guidebook is always an advantage. Always useful with the amount of stuff I seem to carry.

Materials – For hill walking a fast-drying synthetic material, such as nylon or polyester, are worth considering as cotton will tend to soak up water and is slow to dry. With the changeable British weather, must remember this one.

Durability – Worth considering a heavy-duty fabric, and look for double lines of stitching rather than single.

So when it comes to having cargo shorts for your outdoor clothing for women it can be a difficult choice, but at least you know you will get the best products at the best prices from us when you do make that choice.