Humidity gets the better of us on most occasions. Going outdoors on a hot and humid day is no less than a punishment. The best way to keep the heat and humidity at bay is to wear the set of clothes that keep you cool and dry. Nothing is as bad as wearing a T-shirt drenched in sweat.

These are a few handy tips that would help you choose the right set of clothes:

  1. Choose Clothes with a Loose Fitting

It is advisable to wear clothes that are lightweight and don’t end up clinging to the skin. Clothes with loose fittings make for an ideal choice when it gets hot, humid, and sticky. On the other hand, clothes that soak the sweat and end up clinging to the skin make you feel uncomfortable.

There are certain fabrics that don’t cling to the body. Some woven fabrics help you manage sweat in a better way. Fabrics such as seersucker and pique come with a unique texture that keeps the fabric off the skin.

  1. Fabrics Moving Moisture Away are Your Best Bet

If you want to keep sweat at bay, search for clothes, having wicking properties and absorbency. Clothes made using moisture-wicking material keep sweat off your skin. Today, you have a wide variety of clothes with moisture-wicking properties. Clothes made of synthetic material such as polyester and nylon come equipped with wicking properties. Cotton and merino wool are good alternatives as well.  In case you have a multitude of options at your disposal, choose the fabric that’s lightweight.

According to an age-old saying: “cotton kills.” Cotton as a fabric isn’t popular because it has weak insulation properties when wet. However, cotton can be a handy option in normal circumstances.

  1. Prefer Clothes That Dry Quickly

Nothing feels as bad as having to walk around in clothes that are drenched in sweat. The quicker the clothes the dry less uncomfortable you would feel. Quick-drying fabrics won’t keep the humidity away, but they would dry faster when compared to other fabrics.

  1. The Vents

Outdoor clothing that’s built for travel and recreational purposes features built-in mesh panels and vents. Also, a loose fit ensures an increased airflow on days that are hot and humid. It goes without saying that even the slightest of airflows can expedite the drying time.

Some Other Tips for You

Go for Light Colours: Light Colours help reflect the sun’s rays. On the other hand, dark clothes end up absorbing the sun’s rays and make you feel warm.

UPF-rated Clothing Works Well: Clothes having a UPF rating is likely to protect you from the wrath of the sun. Some generally-accepted ratings in this context are UPF 15, 30 and 50+.

Try Donning a Hat: Search for hats that are made using lightweight materials. It would be great if you can find a hat having vents. While searching for a hat, look for the ones that dry quickly and have a looser fit.