Interested member of the public (IMOP) - There's a NEO coming!

Outdoor Look Blogger (OLB) - A what?


OLB – What some new and exotic type of waterproof lining? I know,  you’ve been shopping our amazing range of waterproof boots again haven’t you?

IMOP – No, well not that I don’t always like checking out your comprehensive and reasonably priced range of waterproof boots but the NEO’s nearly here!

OLB – The rogue hacker and hero from the Matrix? It looks as if your confusing Hollywood with reality again

IMOP –  No NEO is an acronym for  “Near Earth Object”

OLB – Nope, none the wiser. I’ll be honest you lost me with “accro” thingy unless thats the new Craghoppers Jacket?

IMOP – Sigh! OK with thanks due to wikipedia “A near-Earth object (NEO) is a Solar System object whose orbit brings it into proximity with the Earth. They include a few thousand near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), near-Earth comets, a number of solar-orbiting spacecraft, and meteoroids large enough to be tracked in space before striking the Earth.”

In this instance there’s a swimming pool sized rock that’s coming within 17,000 miles of the earth this evening.

OLB – 17,000 miles that’s miles and miles away. Further than the sun anyway

IMOP – Actually Australia’s only 12,000 miles away, it’s coming quite close to us, closer than many earth orbiting satellites.

OLB – Well it’s not very big

IMOP – Big enough to destroy a city

OLB – We are all doomed!

IMOP – Apparently it’s going to miss

OLB – Well that’s OK then, meanwhile what about these waterproof boots. Ideal wear in the event of a NEO based disaster or just great for walking when it’s a bit wet. They look great too and you won’t need a telescope to see them.

IMOP – Look  this is really exciting………… Mind you some of these boots do look very good; maybe I should just have a little look around. Waterproof you say?

OLB – Guaranteed. Though not in the event of being hit by a NEO!