When you only have to plan and pack for yourself before you set off on a camping trip, it’s a relatively simple process – you know what you need. But when you have children to pack for too, it of course increases both the time and effort that it will take. Here are four top tips to help you plan and pack effectively!


  • Storing each person’s camping equipment together can be tough, depending on the amount of space available. But limiting the number of places that they are stored in can save you a lot of time – searching all around the house for individual bits and pieces can be both time consuming and frustrating, especially if they are very well packed away!
  • Wherever you’re going, whether it’s on a camping trip or on a foreign holiday, leaving your packing until the night before is not a good idea. Give yourself as much time as you can and create a list so that you can tick things off as you go. The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to forget something.
  • Packing in advance helps a lot, but packing effectively in advance, helps even more. Everyone will have their own system, but splitting your needed belongings into separate categories – for example, one for food, one for clothes, one for your camping gear such as your tent, sleeping bag etc.
  • After you have finished your (hopefully brilliant) camping trip, you’ll be faced with a small mountain of items to clean and pack away. Spending the time to do this will benefit you greatly and hopefully leave you in a better, more prepared place – ready for your next trip into the outdoors!

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