Camping with a toddler for the first time can be a challenge, so here are five top tips to help the experience go smoother!


1. The first trip is an experiment

First time camping trips are an experiment for everyone, especially for a toddler. It’s advisable to camp close to home so if you do need to go home, it’s not too far. You could even give it a go in your garden!

2. What to pack

Packing can be a challenge too, you’ll always want to pack the minimum amount for yourself but for your little one, it’s a whole different story. If you think you might need something, you should probably bring it. Extra food, blankets, nappies and more should all be brought, just in case – you may not need it, but it helps to reduce the worry of running out. Extra clothes are a good idea too, check out our range of toddlers clothing to add to your collection.

3. Don’t change your routine

You’ll likely have a schedule for your toddler, with meal and nap times ticked in for certain times every day. With you being out in the open, away from the norm, things can be a little hectic but ensuring that you stick to the regular times as best you can is important. An unhappy toddler might not be the best person to have with you in unfamiliar surroundings!

4. Sleeping in a tent

Getting used to a tent can be challenging for a toddler, so making them feel as comfortable as possible is key. Bringing a favourite toy, blanket or their pillow can all be home comforts which are key to aiding the temporary transition. If your little one still sleeps in a cot or crib, you should bring that, or a portable version, too. Sleeping in the tent whilst you’re at home can be a good test before you do it for real!

5. Staying safe

As always when you’re away from home, you’ll have to keep an eye on your child at all times. If you’re setting up a campfire, this is even more important. Ensuring that they’re informed of the danger can help – as can teaching them a couple of keywords such as “hot”. Using their crib to keep them away from a campfire whilst you’re cooking is one option that can be used.

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