Great news from the buying team,  they've just secured  a deal with Brasher,  a top end manufacturer of quality walking boots and shoes from this renowned brand.  The T ‘n’ C's are being signed off and we should be taking delivery very very soon.  Watch this space!!


We don't have too much information at this stage but we’re told the following styles are due to arrive any day, at cracking prices:


Brasher Antuco Gore Tex Boot

Brasher Tacana Gore Tex Boot

Brasher Kamati XCR Boot

Brasher Akuten Gore Tex Boot


We'll have further updates on delivery and prices once we get a firm shipment date.


For those who don't know much about Brasher here's a little bit of history:


Brasher are based in Sunderland, they specialise in excellent quality walking boots and walking socks.  Founded by Chris Brasher.  Chris ran as pacemaker in Roger Bannisters record breaking 4 minute mile.  He won a gold medal in 1956 for the 3000 meter steeple chase and in 1981 he co-founded the London marathon.  


In 1978 whilst walking in wales (180 mile stroll!)  He ‘had’ to return in trainers as his then walking boots caused immense pain and discomfort.   It was at this time he asked a simple question 'Why aren't walking boots as comfortable as trainers'


It was this walk that inspired him to come up with an answer and devote his time to developing a comfortable pair of robust walking boots.   With 25 prototypes & 5 years of testing, in the Lake District, under his belt; the 'Brasher Boot', a new generation of walking boots, was born.  After the Brasher Boot followed the Hillmaster GTX,  the UK's Best Selling leather walking boot, this was followed by the lightest leather walking boot, the 'Brasher Super Light GTX',  weighing in at just 1000gms per pair,  they are the lightest leather walking boots on the market.  


He inspired walking for everyone. Brash live to walk.