Watching your kid riding the snowboard for the first time is a memorable experience. It is a moment when your little ones take the first step forward in their attempt to conquer the slopes. Their recurring attempts to balance themselves on the board, the falls, the never-ending desire to succeed, the bruises, etc. make the experience memorable.

It goes without saying that those who begin early get a lot of time to hone their skills. According to an age-old saying: ‘While riding a snowboard, experiencing the fall is just as important as learning the art of maintaining your balance’. Falling 100 times before learning to balance yourself doesn’t make you small or inferior.

Choosing the appropriate snowboard for your little ones is quite a tedious task as a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Also, the sheer extent of choices available makes the process of selection complicated.

Here are a few tips that’d come in handy while choosing a snowboard for your little champ:

  • A Retractable Cord:

It is a great idea to attach a retractable cord to your toddler’s snowboard.  The cord would allow you to pull the snowboard. You can then pull the snowboard as your toddler rides it.  Also, this cord would allow you to move your kid around without much difficulty.

  • The Height of the Snowboard Matters

A typical toddler’s snowboard should be approximately 80-90 cm in height. If your kid’s height is less than 90 cm, then you should choose a snowboard that measures 80 cms In case the height for your kid is above 90 cm, then it is recommended that you go for a board that’s 85-90 cm long.

  • Strap Bindings

It is advisable to purchase a snowboard having bindings to secure your toddler’s boots. Never choose a snowboard that does not provide ample support to the boot.

  • Buy Genuine Snowboards

Always remember to purchase a snowboard that has been manufactured by a reputed snowboarding company.

Other Alternatives

Buying Old Snowboards

You can also buy a used snowboard from an online portal. Also, you can search for groups that sell outdoor equipment.

You can also buy a snowboard during an end-of-season sale.

Look for Suppliers Who Buy Back Snowboards

It is advisable to look for stores that give a buyback facility. It means that you pay 100% for your kid’s snowboard and get a rebate or a discount when the old one is exchanged with a new one.  It’d make purchasing a snowboard a bit easier for you.