Red and yellow and pink and green… Just singing the words of a few rainbow colours can make you feel happy. Purple and orange and blue… Now it seems that buying a new item of clothing in a colourful hue can actually lift your mood.

According to new research the simply act of choosing and purchasing clothing, whether fashion, outdoors clothing or sports clothing, in a bright colour can have a positive influence on your mood – and increase your self-confidence. 

Supermarket chain Asda’s Pulse of the Nation survey looked at how consumer moods affect spending habits. They found 68% of shoppers spend £20 on clothes to cheer themselves up.  Added to this, the participants revealed that they are now choosing colourful clothing items, and especially red.

Asda also foubnd that when we're in need of a boost, many of us reach for clothing in red, as well as purple and yellow.  Women under the age of 30 are more likely to choose bright yellow as their feel-good colour (88%), while women over 50 prefer cool blue (68%). 

Outdoor clothing to cheer you up

Red baselayers for men: Get past the blacks and whites and go for a brighter shade of baselayer.

Reds and purples and pinks... make a great mind booster when it comes to ladies' outdoor jackets.

Don't be blue... choose a lighter shade of  blue for a mind-boosting fleece jacket

Red, green and yellow rucksacks look good and brighten your day, wherever you are...