Staying active and working out on regular basis is good for our mind, body, and soul – we all know that. However, knowing something and actually doing it in real life are both completely different things. Most times our inner gluttony takes over and we cannot help but skip workout, especially when working late. When it happens, it is hard to concentrate on a particular workout regime and prioritize fitness over anything else.

So if you want to get out of that little voice in your head that lets you make all the wrong decisions regarding your health and fitness, it is time to pay heed to motivation above anything else.

Tread Your Goals Lightly

It might so happen that you have set fitness goals that are too much for you and that is why subconsciously you are avoiding it. For beginners, this problem is quite common as they want to maximize their results and go for goals that are not achievable at the first shot. However, after a certain time, they start to feel overwhelmed. So while starting, go for short-term goals like working 20 to 30 minutes a day and then, gradually increase the time duration.

Keep a Track of Progress

Get a workout plan and keep a track of your progress. You can do so by keeping an online tool or maintaining an old-school journal for fitness. Chart out your improvements, whether you are doing more reps, running faster, or working out more hours in a week. Once you see your progress in writing, it will keep you going.

Keep the Focus on You

You will always find someone faster, fitter, and more flexible than you are and this must not stop you from pushing your boundaries. Comparison ruins everything. You are different than everybody else and that should not deter you from your goal. Remember that you are working for yourself and that time is dedicated only to you and not anyone else. This will help you progress faster and with grace.


Do Not Suffer in Guilt

When you are following a particular workout regime, you are bound to miss out on a day or two. But you have to get real and stop pondering on those missing days even if you miss out. Get real and move on and accept the fact that there will be some missteps while you are on the fitness journey. Be mentally prepared to deal with setbacks and make that your motivation to come back even stronger.

Cheering Squad Helps

Well, you do not have to hire professional cheerleaders to do so, but you can always find friends and family to help you stay on track and be your constant support towards your fitness journey. Getting constant support acts as a helpful reassurance that will help you in times of need.

It Is Always Good to Have Fun

Your mind settles on things you find fun doing and it is the same with your workout routine as well. If you are unable to stay motivated in your current workout, then there is something you are doing wrong. Pick activities that will make you look forward to the workout or jazz up things a little bit by changing the routine entirely. This will help you from keeping things going stale.