Are you thinking of running or about to get started? You are at the right place! Running has several benefits as you already know but running the right way also matters when you want to reap all the benefits. So before hitting the route, here is an effective beginner’s guide for runners who want to start on the right foot.

Start with Short Intervals

Starting something new makes everyone super excited and when it is your running session, there are so many things going on in your mind. To stop all those faltering thoughts, here’s something you need to remember – do not plan the entire run in one go or on your first day of training. Break down your entire run into intervals and keep them short at the beginning. If required, walk between intervals so that you will get a chance to recover.

To make it easy, start with two minutes of jogging followed by two minutes of walking. Increase the interval for running by one minute per session until you can run an entire stretch without taking any rest.

Do Not Start by Running Fast

Your body will take time to get accustomed to the new strains and stresses of running. Many start by running too fast and just within few minutes, they pay the price with overexertion, frustration, pain, and even injury. To avoid such circumstances, you must start out running at a moderate pace. Sometimes you will feel like letting it go and run with your top intensity. However, avoid doing so and maintain the same pace throughout. Give your body time to get used to the new regime and you will find success in the long run, literally!

Give Time to Recover

Once your first run goes well, you would love to head out again. This is quite natural and you should do that too, but not right away. You must wait a day to attempt the next run. This is so because you must give your body some time to recover from the first running session. Also, your cardiovascular system needs time to get habituated with the new demands and prepare the bones and muscles for the next session. Schedule your running sessions in such a way so that you run one day and rest the next.  

Maintain the Form with Short Steps

Technically speaking, running is a challenging sport, and learning the right technique is significant in maintaining the proper form. Most of the beginners use the wrong technique of jogging and end up losing more energy than they should. To help your body develop the right sequence of movements while running, you must stay relaxed. Ensure that you are in the right form with short steps. This is more effective than the long and powerful steps that most of you tend to do when you are running for the first time.

Core Muscles Matter

Running is a full-body workout and to run tall and strong you need to have a stable core. The core acts as the control centre of the body wherein the swing of the arms influence every movement you take while running. So, a stable and healthy core is important along with other muscles that must also be in good form. Make sure you are including strength training besides running to make your core strong and stable that will help you overcome any injuries.

Variety Is the Key

Running is an excellent form of sports as well as exercise. And since every heart loves variety, you must include different types of cross-training besides running. This not only helps to keep things interesting, but it reduces the stress on spines and joints.