If you are an experienced hiker, you must have noticed that more people are making their way to the trails for experiencing the benefits of outdoor adventures. The number of people on the path of secluded back country is increasing with every passing day. Even governments are urging people to go on outdoor adventures as it becomes a way to earn revenues for the management of these places. However, more people mean more trampling of the delicate vegetation, more poorly planned campsites, more waste, and more erosion. This makes it tough for the experienced adventures to welcome newcomers with open hands. Here we will tell you some basics that can make you a great trail steward so you can become a guiding figure for newcomers to learn. Here is our list of tips that will make you a good hiker and help make a better trail community.

Communicate Well with Novice Adventurers

If you have plenty of experience and are taking a group of newcomers to the adventure, then you must know the ideal way to communicate with them. It is human nature to get defensive when chastised for some mistake and even go rebellious. You must keep the conversation polite and try to make them learn why protecting the environment and having a sustainable trip will benefit them and the surrounding. A calm and understanding approach to teach youngsters the value of leaving nature on its own will yield better results. Try making them understand the mistake and what its impact will be on the ecosystem of the trail so that they can understand your point of view better.

Get Accustomed to the Basics of Sustainable Trips

Before you start leading new adventures to the back country, you must learn the basic etiquette of trail walking. You should also focus on ways to minimise the impact your trip will have on the surrounding. Learn the best practices to follow on adventures to have a sustainable and fulfilling trip. Learning these basics thoroughly is important as it will enable you to impart this knowledge to newcomers effectively.

Become a Role Model for Other Adventurers

Most people learn by following the practices of their senior. If you are an experienced hiker then you must become a role model for the novice hikers and show them how to take care of the surrounding. Pick up the trash along the way, follow your trail and encourage others in your group to stay on the trail to minimise erosion. If you must stop on the trail, then let others pass by stepping aside to avoid trampling the vegetation on the way. Take family members or people known to you on your adventures and show them the ideal practices to follow on the adventures. This way, you will help create an aware community of trail hikers who knows the value of protecting the environment during adventures.

With these tips, you can become a good trail steward. The last lesson for you is to know that you can only do so much. Educating the less informed adventurers the right way to trail along the way is the effort you can put from yourself. But, if you recognise any unreasonable adventurer on the way who simply won’t understand, then you must keep your cool and move on. It might be hard to see someone trampling vegetation or not following the set rules, but keeping your cool on the way and making a positive impact is what we should strive for on these adventures. And lastly, keep the fight going and continue making an aware community of adventurers.