I cannot quite put my finger on it, but there was something about whizzing past the vast expanse of snow, which held my imagination for years. After lusting about fulfilling my desire for a long time, I found the courage to indulge in this amazing sport last month. I cannot explain in words the exhilaration and sheer joy that I got while being on those white sheets. I learned a great deal from my experience which I find my duty to share with you so that you can derive the same pleasure.

1. Learn from the Pros


I used to believe that skiing is a sport that requires natural talent. But when I searched online, I found trainers boasting about their training expertise and how they can train even novices and turn them into master skiers. I found a great trainer online who explained to me in detail about this sport and gave me crucial lessons to turn me into a decent skier.

I advise that you always learn from professionals and not from your friends who ski. Trainers can easily gauge your natural ability and formulate training methods accordingly. A friend or an amateur skier may not have the vision to understand your potential. This may lead to early discouragement which in turn could result in you giving up on your passion. Always hire a professional trainer and take your training seriously, especially in the beginning.

2. Dress up Right

Before heading out to those gorgeous snowy peaks, prepare yourself by investing in a decent outfit for skiing. Start from the bare essentials by putting on thermal long underwear and other base layers like thermal vest or warmer, followed by wool socks to keep your body warm. Procure a waterproof jacket and pants that allow comfortable movement of body but aren't too loose.


Accessorize your look with other essentials like hat, waterproof gloves, and goggles and be ready to conquer the snowy lands like Herman Maier.

3. Tip about Tips

“Never look at the tips of your skies while whooshing through the blanket of snow.” As I was blessed with one of the best trainers, this point was vehemently put across to me many times. I could see why he was so persistent in telling me about this fundamental mistake of the beginners, when I saw for myself, people hunched down and clattering into each other. This common mistake needs to be avoided if you want to ski without getting injured.

Always look straight ahead of you so you can easily see curves, trees, and other people skiing on the hill. This will give you a good idea of where you are going and help you avoid mishaps.

4. Start with Bunny Slopes


Made for the beginners, bunny slopes are a great way to get familiar with the art of skiing without endangering yourself. With design that facilitates easy movement and generous angles, bunny slopes acclimatize you with this fun sport and help you hone your skills.

Don’t go green with envy here, if you see a bunch of kids skiing effortlessly. Remember that skiing is an art that takes time to master and bunny slopes are your stepping stones. Hold on to this belief, persevere on these slopes and you will be the master of your own destiny on difficult slopes in no time.

5. Fall with Grace

I fell while skiing when I took on the mighty hills for the very first time. But I knew how to minimize the impact and hence, came out unscathed even after hitting the ground. There is a good chance that you may also fall in the beginning.

The trick for coming out uninjured even after falling is quite easy but still needs to be learned. The easiest ways to stop is by bending your knees and turning uphill. Make sure nobody's behind you before performing this maneuver. This trick will let you reduce your speed enough to help you manage to come to a stop or fall gently.

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