A well behaved pet is all you need as a companion on your camping trip, if you are seeking secluded time with anyone who will not judge you and will do what you say. It, however, becomes very challenging too, as your responsibility towards the dog becomes inexcusable.

In case your dog is separated from you, it is important that you must know how to get it back and also the necessary training for it to not get lost should be pre-planned to avoid such instances.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid losing your best friend while camping:

Train it to be Obedient

Before you plan to go for a camping trip, it becomes highly important to make your dog follow all the orders that you want to give it. Train the dog to be focused on the instruction in spite of all the distractions and attractions. Make it identify with certain commands or sounds so that you can easily make it stop doing what it is doing or make it do what you want it to do, with just a flick of your finger.

Create a Permanent Identification

To immediately trace your dog in case of a separation, a microchip is the best option for you as it is equal to the size of a rice grain which makes it easily concealable. Put the chip right between the shoulders. The procedure will be just like a regular vaccination. The chip cannot be removed or damaged easily, unlike a dog collar or tag that becomes unreadable and easily removable. The dog will get scanned at any law facility, vet clinic or a shelter where it will be taken after separation. This will help trace all the identifying details and make it easier for you both to connect easily and much faster.  Also, in case you want your dog to breed, it is necessary that you provide a permanent identification to a health certification.

Follow the Traditional Rules

Sometimes the most basic things can prevent a mishap and therefore one should ensure that the most basic measures are kept in-check before heading for a remote location or even when stepping outside of your house for a stroll. In case of your dog, make sure that it is wearing a collar with the name and phone number that people can use to contact you if it gets separated from you. A dog with a tag would let people know that it is chipped. Also, vaccination tags will ensure people that it is safe to come close to the dog. There are high visibility reflective collars that work best in locating the dog in moments from the time of separation.  The collar is also good for the safety of the dog as drivers can spot the dog on the road and drive carefully.