When you’re undertaking an adventure in the great outdoors, it’s important that you’re prepared for a number of different possibilities. Here are some basic survival top tips!

1. Know how to read a map.

  • Maps have scales that you can use to calculate the distance between two places and how long it will take you to travel between them.
  • Some maps also have contour lines, which help to display any changes in elevation, so that you can plan appropriately for these.
  • Buildings, roads and more are marked on maps, as well as rivers (usually in blue) and areas of land are usually either green or brown.

2. Know how to use a compass.

The majority of us will have an electronic device which will contain a GPS system on it, but there are risks that come with relying solely on that. Not only could your device break, but signal strength can be hit and miss when you’re out and about. A compass should always be taken as a back-up device, and should be practiced with before you rely on it too heavily.


3. How to create a basic shelter.

If you are ever stuck outdoors during the night without any suitable shelter, you will need to create some. This may sound difficult, but firstly you would need to insulate the ground by covering the ground with a thick layer of branches, sticks and leaves. You can also use a tree and a combination of large and small branches to shield you from another side.

4. How to find clean water.

Clean water can be difficult to find when you’re out and about, as the water found in rivers, lakes and puddles will contain germs and parasites which should not be consumed. If possible, rain water is likely to be the best you’ll be able to get, and water should also be boiled if you can.

5. How to make a fire.

When you are out and about, you may need to create a fire. One tool that you should always bring with you is a lighter. If you can collect some dry tinder or wood and slowly add more dry wood or dry twigs after it has been lit, this will keep the flame fuelled.

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