Mountain rescue teams were called out twice recently, on successive days, to rescue walkers on Corn Ddu a mountain in the Brecon Beacons. Rescuers advised walkers that in wintry weather, when walking, it is essential to be properly equipped for the conditions.

One of the major considerations when walking in this weather is keeping warm and maintaining body temperature. In wintry conditions walkers are advised to carry or wear several layers of spare clothing. Extra layers may not always be needed while you are walking, if you have an accident however, you could be sitting or lying still in the cold for some time while waiting to be rescued. Extra clothes, especially thermally efficient layers, can be life-savers in these circumstances. Here at Outdoor Look we recommend always wearing or carrying a base layer in wintry weather.

If you have a look at our walking baselayers you will find a whole range of stylish garments any of which will help to keep you warm and safe when walking.