Glasgow is a port city that is situated by the River Clyde in Scotland’s West Central Lowlands. It is famous for its art, unique culture, and grand architecture. At the same time, it is the most populated city of Scotland with a population over 608,000. Glasgow is known for its art nouveau and Victorian architecture, inherited from the richness of its 18-20th-century.

Currently, it is a national hub for cultural arts and events and is known for famous institutions such as Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera as well as a much-celebrated music scene. Everything sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? Glasgow can get quite overcrowded in the peak seasons. No wonder that people/tourists have been asking me for half-day walks close to the city. There are more than 10 half-day walks close to Glasgow and I’ve picked the top four places for you.


Conic Hill of Balmaha

This lies at a distance of 5km from Glasgow. Conic Hill of Balmaha is easily accessible from Glasgow via train and bus routes. It offers a wonderful view of Loch Lomond and its islands.

With a height of 360m, the view of Conic Hill of Balmaha never fails to impress its visitors. You can take the direct route or the circular route of 6.5 miles on the long stretch of grass. It peacefully welcomes you against the crowd of the city. If you are visiting Glasgow, find a pleasant and quiet getaway at Conic Hill of Balmaha.


The Whangie, Kilpatrick Hills

Like Conic Hill, the Whangie offers an excellent view towards Loch Lomond, the Campsies, and the Highlands. Given that, the climb usually gets muddy after the initial climb, it is advised not to visit this place during the rainy season.

The Whangie, usually, is described as a bizarre rock formation and, at the same time, it never fails to amaze its visitors. The view compensates for muddy terrain and slippery trekking. It is just 4.4 km away from Glasgow.


Greenock Cut, Inverclyde

This half-day walk is yet another amazing place situated at 11.5km from Glasgow. Besides, Greenock Cut has a historical significance too. It was initially built in the 1800s to channelize water to the Greenock settlement from Loach Thom and today, it is a labelled Ancient Monument. It can be accessed easily by train from Glasgow.

It consists of stairs, sturdy paths, and tracks. The entire Greenhock Cut have over 20 amazing stone bridges that offer one of the best views in Southern Scotland. Visit this place from Glasgow to witness the beauty of Loch Thom and The Compensation reservoir.


Falls of Clyde, New Lanark

This is my favourite half-day walks from Glasgow. You can take a train from Glasgow to Lanark and take a taxi or walk 1.5kms to reach Falls of Clyde. I always prefer walking over taking a taxi because this place is rich in natural beauty.

The waterfalls on the River Clyde are breath-taking and have been visited by famous personalities such as Wordsworth, Sir Walter Scott, etc. The serenity and calmness around the Falls of Clyde in New Lanark make it worth visiting.


To Sum It Up

Many such half-day walks are located close to the city of Glasgow such as Chatelherault Country Park, near Hamilton, Milngavie to Drymen, West Highland Way, etc. Your visit to Glasgow will remain incomplete if you don’t visit these walks close to the city.  Make sure to visit these half-day walks using public transport – buses and trains, to realize local culture as well.