As adults, we have a fixed routine for the day, go to work, come back home, watch some T.V, read some magazine, pop into the shower, eat dinner, scroll across social media apps for hours and hours, and go to sleep.

The people with traditional get about 16 hours of time before they need to head to work the next day and a growing number of people are trying out adventurous things to relax themselves a bit differently. The adventures these regular job people crave for is something that helps them relax. It is claimed that Alastair Humphreys, the adventure writer started this trend with his book, “Micro-Adventures”. Let us look at some steps to make sure you have a great micro-adventure.  

  1. Pre-Plan Your Day

Planning or making lists help your plans become more solid. You are more likely to take the trip if you plan it beforehand, book tickets if you are taking the train or bus and leave work on time to get to the destination and set alarms so you don’t get late for work the next day.

  1. Don’t Stress Over It

There is enough stress at work and you don’t need to stress about the destination, it is just about spending a night outside and relax yourself. Don’t stress over the distance of the place, choose the one you like and use any method of commuting that suits you and enjoy.

  1. Keep It Light

Don’t carry too much when you go on these micro-adventures. Luggage is not necessary but make sure to carry a little emergency kit in case of a weather shift to protect yourself as you would be spending time outdoors. 

  1. Don’t Travel Alone

Travelling alone is no issue but if you have a partner to travel with, your travel plans become more likely to get through and it is much more fun when you are with someone.  

  1. Go for It

If you are someone who weighs the pros and cons for everything, stop it. You don’t need to do that for taking a little time out for yourself. Just go on this adventure and feel rejuvenated.

Some Micro Adventures undertaken by frequent Micro-Adventurers:

Set Up Camp on Hills

If your job requires you to commute between cities and travel to different parts in the city, you can try camping on nearby, local hills instead of staying in hotels. This experience had been shared by Steve who is based in Glasgow, has to travel to Scotland frequently and enjoys spending time on the hills and loves the beauty of the night time sky.

Go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking and sleeping under a sky full of stars can be another ideal micro adventure. Adelle has to head out frequently as a part of being a project manager. She recently went to Dunkeld, an hour away from Edinburgh and was super happy as she could reach back to work just in time with the memories of an adventurous night out.

Perks of Truck Driving

Another micro-adventure fan is Stefan who is an HGV truck driver and his ideal adventures comes to him spontaneously. If he gets stuck somewhere, he prefers to set camp on a beach or next to a loch.

I strongly recommend giving this trend a go and see how it suits you. You may find some new and more enjoyable ways to spend your time.