Kinder Scout is known to be one of the most challenging walks, but it also boasts some unforgettable scenic views. Taking a walk through this is rewarding as you will encounter a gentle brooks, steep rocks, dark gritstone, to moss and the glorious Kinder Downfall. It is an important area in the National Park, also a site of 1932 Mass Trespass.

The Kinder Scout can be accessed from the villages of Hayfield in the High Peak and Edale. Walks around it will offer a journey that comprises of different landscapes, showing the diversity of the Peak District. This magnificent moorland is a paradise for the walkers and nature lovers offering some of the most breathtaking views in the country. It lies at 2,087ft above sea level.

Route- Blackden Brook Scramble

This is one of the most popular rambling walks in the Peak District.

  • Park on the Snakes Pass, taking the route marked by the National Trust sign posts.
  • Cross the River Ashop, leading to the Blackden Brook. This path gets narrower as you move beside the brook with some fantastic scenery.
  • While you scramble up the main route, take a left to reach an impressive gully, which looks lovely from the main route.
  • The scrambling is easy on the main line, taking you to the top and seal stones
  • Follow the path left (eastwards) along the Kinder Scout to go downhill via a different route.

Ringing Roger and Grindsbrook Clough

The route from Edale via Ringing Roger gives you great views of the central Edale valley, Great ridge, Mam Tor, and more. This is a steep ascent with a simple mid-section and quick descent to the starting point via Grindslow Knoll.

  • Begin at Edale Station, accessible via car or train. Take the pavement next to the road running due-north under the iron railway bridge towards Grindsbrook Booth.
  • Pass the Rambler Inn on your left and Edale’s Church of the Undivided Trinity. Keep walking on the road passing The Old Nag’s Head Pub until you reach the footpath that will take you into open country.
  • Go towards Heardsman’s Plantation and reach the path passing through a wall. The path from here leads to the Ringing Roger. The path splits with the enjoyable western most routes into Golden Clough. It gives you views across to Grindsbrook Clough and Grindslow Knoll.
  • Go south down the path from Ringing Roger to Edale. The first section is steep, Next the path becomes rough. Pass through a stone wall into fields reaching the Old Nag’s Head, which is around 500 meters south of your starting point.

Fair Brook & Kinder Downfall from Birchen Clough

The visit to the popular Downfall includes a variety of terrain and begins with a riverside section. The route climbs up alongside waterfalls leading to the boulder path and the plateau.

  • Cross over the road at Birchen Clough on the A57 Snake Road (south) and go through the gate to follow a path with woods and stream joining the River Ashop. Stay on the north side of the river and follow the main road in the Sheffield direction through the Snake Inn to a footbridge.
  • Cross the bridge and follow the river before turning right at the Fair Brook to Kinder. The views begin to open out as you climb, reaching the Fairbrook Naze on the right.
  • Crossing over to Kinder Gates, comprises of large stones, each side of the shallow Kinder River. After reaching the River Kinder turn right and follow it downstream. Follow the wide path northwest from the Downfall to Ashop Head towards the stake on Mill Hill.
  • Reach the cross path, turning right to the Snake Path, a way connecting Hayfield with the Snake Inn on the Snake Road. Keep on this path reaching a stile and take the first path on the left to turn right onto a road leading you back to the stream and the start.