A large number of people are following a vegan diet, but there are a few who do not know what vegan means. Going vegan means to stop consuming products that come through animal source. Vegan diet does not include fish, meat, eggs and dairy products as these all are produced from animals. So for those choosing to be vegan, here are some tempting vegan camping recipes.


- Nut butter and banana rolls: Make your mornings sweet and spicy by having banana slices with tortilla butter on it for breakfast along with cinnamon and honey.

- Freezer burritos: Make burritos at home and freeze them for taking to the campsite. It is a quick breakfast which is ready-to-be served hot or cold.

- Breakfast scramble: To make it vegan, just use chickpea flour in place of eggs.

- Instant oatmeal packets: For a healthy and fibrous breakfast while you are out, you can prepare oatmeal packets at home. Pack these individually according to each day serving.


- Hummus wrap: Chickpeas are an ultimate source of energy and can be used in a variety of ways. Hummus is the absolute favourite of almost everyone. You can prepare it at home or buy pre-packaged.

- Mashed chickpea salad sandwich: It is an easy-to-make summer recipe for camping. You can prepare it at home or at the campsite. This gives you a healthy dose of protein rich food that is delicious too.

- Salads in a jar: Grab all the green vegetables like spinach and broccoli and put them together in a jar. Keep this jar in the cooler for a quick and healthy lunch.

- Curried veggie brown rice: It is a fulfilling and delicious recipe which you can cook with lots of vegetables and added flavours. You can cook it at your campsite and enjoy your meal.


- Boiled peanuts: It is a great snacking option, especially during fall and spring season. You just have to keep a pot full of peanuts bubbling on the fire and serve hot whenever required. It is a good munching option for kids.

- No-bake chocolate chia energy bars: A sweet treat that your kids will love the most. These energy bars are delicious and does not require any maintenance. It is the best snack for keeping yourself energized.

- Coconut lime energy bites: It does not need any cooking and with only 4 ingredients you can get a tasty snack to re-energise yourself till your next destination.


- Grilled orange teriyaki tofu skewers: Try skewers for an amazingly tasty and hot dinner. For a tangy twist, add tofu and for smokey taste just grill it.

- Red beans and rice: For a classic dinner you can cook rice with red beans at your campsite using the Dutch oven or campfire or stove. You can add tasty and spicy sausages over it to make it more tempting.

- Buddha bowls, grilled sweet potato fajitas and vegetable foil packets are some other options of healthy and tasty vegan food.


For satisfying your sweet tooth after a delicious dinner, you can try banana boats with some added chocolate and dried fruits. Another healthy option is baked apples which you can cook at your campsite by adding brown sugar, oats, nuts and cinnamon for a sweet and spicy treat.

All these vegan camping food options are not only delicious and satisfying, but will also not let you feel that there are limited options. You can cook most of these recipes at home and pack them along with you.