Whenever you feel you are unable to balance things in your life, take a walk, or better, take a hike. There are endless things you can carry while you plan a fell walking or hiking trip, and you may end up taking to much as you don’t want to get stuck needing something, but some are more important than others. Here are some walking essentials that are important and can make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

Clothes! Correction: Only Required, Suitable Clothes!

Clothes are no doubt, the foremost thing to be considered whenever you are up for an excursion. For a trekking trip, you should always carry clothes that are suitable according to the terrain and weather of the place. Clearly, they will be the only thing actually providing you comfort and saving you from all the variables that you might face. The best way to carry suitable clothes is to layer up, i.e. you must always carry at least three layers:

  • Base layer; which should be breathable and cosy,
  • Middle layer; which should be an insulator between the base layer and outer layer, and
  • Outermost layer; which should be confining and waterproof.

Other than these, you should also carry socks, gloves and hats, for extra security against unexpected weather conditions.

Highest Quality, Comfortable Footwear

By high-quality footwear, it is meant that the shoes you choose to wear or carry should involve all the features in favour of your trip. They should be well-fitted, comfortable, with a bearable sole, waterproof and reliable, so that they work throughout the trip.

A Backpack able to Perfectly Hold your things

Like any other thing, your backpack should be well-fitting, correctly adjusted and spacious, so that it is able to contain all that you want to carry on your trip. Other than clothes and shoes, here are a few things that you should take with you on a trekking trip:

  • Food and WATER!
  • Accessories such as watches, socks, belts and shades
  • First aid kit
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Torch
  • Sunscreen

Accommodation and Walking Essentials

Even if you are planning a single-day trekking trip, you must never forget to carry tents. You never know what conditions you might have to end your trip in; if you would even get a hotel to spend the night in. Walking poles also prove beneficial every time you carry them. They provide great support to your walking posture and help you walk for longer distances and hours. Also, walking poles can help you cross watercourses and bridges with ease.


So, these are some of many things that you might want to start your essential checklist with, when you are planning a camping or trekking trip. They all will definitely prove helpful one way or the other.