So, at the end of week 2 of our Outdoor Clothing ‘Advent Challenge’ how have you faired? Check off your answers below and see our new set of clues to keep you guessing over the next week! Let us know how you get on!


1. First invented in 1876 by a Welshman and originally called the Euklisia Rug

A. The Sleeping Bag


2. Was this item of footwear named after an occupant of No1 London?

A. The Wellington Boot


3. Would Webb-Ellis have worn this playing football?

A. Rugger Top


4. Was this item invented by the US Navy, the Royal Navy, or the French Army, no one knows but when Clark Gable didn’t wear one sales plummeted?

A. T-Shirt


5. Was this “minty” item of sporting attire invented in India by the British at the end of the 19th century or by a French tennis star of the 1930s, either way it’s sweet?

A. Polo shirt


This Week’s Clues;

6. Would this working attire be apt for the “city of dreaming spires”?

7. Would a Lincoln Green hero have worn one of these to impress the kids?

8. Workwear for Storey, Pendleton and Hoy?

9. Would the commander of the Charge of the Light Brigade have been wearing one of these?

10. Would Mr Rutherford keep warm if he had enough loops and stitches?


Check in for the answers and next weeks clues in a week's time!