A weekend trip to the Bruxton Country park is a perfect getaway for people in love with the countryside atmosphere. Located in the Peak District, the park is renowned for Poole’s Cavern, Soloman’s Temple, and various walking routes. Buxton Country park is situated in Buxton, Derbyshire. The park is frequently visited by people throughout the year and is an ideal place to spend 1-2 days away from the city and relax. Read on to find out what else this place has to offer.

A Guided Tour of the Poole’s Cavern

Poole’s Cavern is famous for guided tours of the cave but can also be visited alone or with your group. The local management staff will give you information on features of the cave. You can take as many pictures as you like of the assorted shale and rocks. The rocky structure and ice formation look spellbinding. As this cave is located on the grounds of Buxton national park, you can choose various walking routes for further exploration. You should know that the guided tours generally do not take place in December as they have Santa's grotto installation. You can also find Buxton Go Ape near Poole’s Cavern, which is great for adventure junkies. The route to Grinlow Hill featuring the famous Solomon temple can also be taken near the cave.

Walking Trip on the Grinlow Hill Route

The Grinlow hill route is a picturesque path nestled in the woods of Buxton Country Park.  The route is quite popular among visitors as it leads straight up to Solomon’s temple on the hilltop. Once you come out of the woods, you will be welcomed by strong gushing winds which will refresh your mood. The whole path is well carved and perfect for nature photographers to take some high-quality snaps. You will notice a lot of walkers coming down from the temple who are mesmerized by the heavy blowing winds. You should wear clothes offering protection from winds as the wind speed on the Grinlow hilltop could reach up to 40 mph. You will have an amazing view of the Peak district as you reach closer to the top.

The Solomon’s Temple on the Top

The Solomon's temple is located on top of the Grinlow’s hill and was erected in 1890 to mark the summit lying at 440 metres above the sea level. You will find a spiral staircase inside the tower which will take you to the top. From there, you can see the captivating view of the whole Derbyshire countryside. The amazing view will give a sense of fulfilment after completing the uphill walk. The temple is a favourite among travel photographers as it gives them a perfect opportunity to capture the whole countryside in different frames.

So, this is all the info we have about the famous places to visit in Buxton Country Park. It is a perfect place for a weekend holiday with family or friends. The weather on the walking routes of the park is ever-changing, so you should not forget to carry extra clothes for protection from elements. If you want the guided tour of Poole’s Cavern, then you should enquire from the local authorities before your trip. Do visit Bruxton Country Park to have a lovely afternoon outdoors and to blow away the cobwebs on dreary winter days.