Waterfalls at the Marmot Creek are beautiful and eye-catching spectacle of nature. On its way to the ultimate drop off at the Troll Falls, its most prominent waterfall plunges and skips its way down the hillside from Marmot Basin Road to the Troll Falls trail. Earlier, the upper falls at the Marmot Creek used to be a well-kept secret of nature but now you can get to them using a well-defined path featuring handrails, signage and bridges. We had spent a weekend hiking and exploring the waterfalls of Marmot Creek. Here is the glimpse of what we did on our trip.

Walking to the Troll Falls and Hay Meadows

Troll Falls and Hay Meadows trail is 3.1 km long and is located at an 86 Km distance from Calgary. The way to Troll Falls will also take you to the upper falls. If you go a little off-trail then it could lead you to other waterfalls as well. The trail is flat and ends on the amazing waterfall. If you do not want to go for Upper Falls then, you can make a round trip with Hay Meadow to enjoy the amazing views and feel connected with nature. The trek is also great for people short on time as it won’t require much time for completion. The breathtaking views are perfect for people looking to click some amazing pics of waterfalls. waterfalls on the way as risk of falling rocks and ice is higher in this time.

Hiking to the Double Falls

We began trekking at the trailhead of Troll falls and continued on the way towards the Upper falls or double falls junction. Cross the bridges on the trail and climb the steep but short hill. Follow the trail markers on a series of beautiful cascades on this trail. The upper falls are located at a distance of 2.7 km from the Troll falls head. The elevation gain for is 150 m and it will take 2-3 hours for a round trip with kids. The difficulty level of the upper falls trek is moderate and people with little exposure to climbing can easily complete it. Once you reach the upper falls you will get to see beautiful views of the Kananaskis River and various mountain peaks surrounding the area. While trekking to the upper falls you must stay on the trail and do not try going near the edge of the falls. There have been reports of some serious accidents due to falling down from the cliffs, so you must keep caution and stay safe.

Visiting Other Waterfalls

If you want to visit other waterfalls in the area, then you have to go off-trail. We recommend consulting local trail guide companies if you do not have much experience of off-trail trekking. They will assign a tour guide for you and also give necessary training and safety gears for your trip. The waterfalls mentioned above are the most famous ones and easy to cover, even if you are inexperienced.

You can pick your favourite waterfall from above and head for a short weekend getaway. If you stay for the whole weekend then you can easily cover most of the prominent waterfalls and trekking route at the Marmot Creek. Do not forget to take the protective clothes and gears on your trip.