The post-pandemic time has brought back the good old days of adventure and backpacking. With the ease of travel restrictions in some countries, it has become possible for many of us to get back into a sightseeing trip, or a week-long break.

Whether you have plans for the winter, or you want to go kayaking next weekend, here is a travel guide to prepare you for your next outdoor adventure:


If you are travelling abroad with your family for more than a week, it is best to plan and pack everything you’ll need. Make a checklist of things, and that way you will never miss out on anything. It is also advisable to be safe if you are planning on hikes and bike rides.

Remember to keep your essentials such as a charger, portable batteries, as well as the camera safe and sound. Carry medicines and be extra cautious with food and eateries, especially while eating from heavy-traffic restaurants or cafés. Ensure that you have enough water and snacks just in case you get hungry.

Plan it out

Before you leave for the next weekend getaway, plan it out. It is advisable to know which countries or locations have ease of travel restrictions. While free travel is permitted in the UK, there are many places where people want to go.

Read the latest COVID-19 reports and look at destinations before finalising your trip. You can also look at the travel guidelines to be certain of where to travel and where not to. It is wise to book early for accommodation and flight availability. If you are planning to go to a distant destination, it is recommended to look at options that suit your taste and budget, while maintaining social-distancing during travel.


One of the most overlooked aspects before travelling, weather should always be taken into consideration. British weather is well known for its unpredictability, and therefore requires double-checking before you leave.

You can expect rain and a shower during a hot summer day as well. Hence, it is recommended that you pack your clothes according to the weather conditions of the place you’re headed to. Pack lightweight yet warm clothes to avoid excess load and baggage. You should also have breathable and waterproof clothing just in case it rains.

It is always wise to have backup plans if there are activities involved. Look at the weather chart every day during the travel and choose outdoor activities which can be done even during a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening.


The most important thing to do before you leave for your next vacation is research the place you want go to. Many of us do not know the guidelines and need to research more if travelling cross-country. Have plenty of places in the mind and analyse well before moving on.

If you plan on going to places and exploring, or camping or hiking, ensure that you have enough knowledge of the local areas and/or routes. If not, then take a map along, or keep your phone safe for GPS to work.

Travelling solo?

The next time you want to go backpacking or hiking across the country, know the travel directions, and do some research. Pack your essentials, your passport, and you are ready to go!