Snowboarding had been my passion as a kid. I remember going to the Alps with my family and asking my father to get me a snowboard so that I could play out in the snow the entire day. I fortunately had a natural talent for snowboarding and hence continued with my love for the sport by going out for the annual snowboarding competition every year. I would like to add that as a kid you tend to have better learning skills. Parents shouldn’t wait for their kids to grow older to put them in a specific activity. I am now a father of 2 girls and have already enrolled my kids in several outdoor activity training camps. Like myself, my kids picked up the skill of snowboarding quite fast and this didn't come as a surprise to me. Their trainer is a professional snowboarder and on asking gave me a few pointers that could make the art of snowboarding easy for toddlers. Let me share it with all the parents who have tiny toddlers with an interest in snowboarding.

  1. Let the Kids Explore

Setting up rules for your kid and giving them instructions every now and then can hamper their growth. It is essential to let your child develop his/her skills and explore to what extent they can go. Taming them can be the biggest mistake. As toddlers, they have a lot of scope to learn. Instead of instructing them, provide them with proper safety gear like a sturdy helmet and warm clothing.

  1. Teach them the Balance

My kids’ trainer often takes them for a free ride. He ties his rope to their boards and pulls them around. According to him, this hones the balancing skills of the child. Besides, this can be a fun activity for your kid. Trainers recommend riglet cords to be attached to the boards.

  1. Let them Enjoy

It is important that your kid enjoys whatever training, he/she is enrolled in. In the case of snowboarding, the professional advice to let the kids jump with the board on to get the rush and the right feel that will keep them hooked to the sport for years. Jumping on the board is one trick that can also enhance and develop your kid’s sense of using the board for moving in different directions.

  1. Begin with small hills and mountains

Take the kids along a small hill or a mountain and let them demonstrate their skills to you. Let them have their own time with the board and avoid giving them any unnecessary instructions. A qualified instructor is, however, a must when exploring such options. Instructors will teach them the techniques and methods that can help your child gain the right pace.

  1. Teach Them How to Slide

You can either use a harness or simply hold their hands while teaching them. However, many parents have complained that holding their kid's hand is not always the right choice, especially when you are in the mountains. The harness can help your kid learn the sliding trick. This can give you good control over your kids even while they try their hand in board sliding. You can keep them from falling on their face or on their back.

Training kids is different from training adults. Hence, it is mandatory to keep them engaged and let them have fun. Unlike the grownups, kids lose their focus if they aren’t having a good time. To keep them hooked to a particular activity is possible only when they are enjoying themselves. Last but not the least, snowboarding or any other outdoor fun may tire you kid, so keep them energised and never impose them to learn anything. Let them discover themselves and choose their favourite sport on their own.