This morning, it rained heavily. I was going for a regular Glasgow Tri Club Sunday morning run. It was raining cats and dogs, but no one seemed to care. I had a great chat along with a walk down the beautiful route which goes through the Pollok Country Park on the south-side of Glasgow. It kept our minds off of the soaked kit and wet trainers.

You see, the great thing about a Sunday run is that I am back at home at around 10:30 am and I am already happy with how my day has begun. It is around this time when my family members have just woken up. It feels like I haven’t missed anything major and I can move forward with my day. I have started my day with a mental boost and a good workout session. 

It is one of the moments where I realised how productive Sunday running can be. It curbs the amount of drinking the night before, a Saturday. Many people tend to have a productive running session with a hangover. I, on the other hand never learned the art of running with a hangover. 

After a long, arduous day at work, I tend to drink some on a Saturday night. It all started with a birthday party which followed with more drinks. I had a hangover in the morning. It is then I realised that I would be off the booze for the next two months. I made a small promise to myself that I would only be drinking a limited amount and on a night out. I had followed this pattern last year, and I felt so much better and slept better. I even lost a few pounds. Now, I aim to make a healthy life choice by following it!