It wasn’t very long ago, as I remember, when I sat outside to perch with my parents and have a chat. It was cool and breezy out there, where we sat on the chairs that I made from the skis, which I must admit wasn’t as difficult to do as it seemed. So, if you feel like doing the same, here is how I went about it.

Keeping it simple

The approach that I took was to keep it as simple and as easy as possible. Since I had a very modest budget in mind, I tried to procure material which was easily available and could fit my budget. The tools and materials I used never punched a hole in my pocket. Some of the essential tools and materials that I used for making these chairs were:

  • Goggles and Gloves, to ensure my safety at all costs
  • Old skis and snowboards (I borrowed some from my friends, and for the rest I used an old stack which lay in my backyard)
  • Handsaw (One needs to careful while using these)
  • A wood blade
  • A angle grinder with a cutoff wheel
  • A wood glue
  • A small box of 1.5 to 3 inch screws
  • Two boards

Here comes the real work

And then the real thing starts. Try using an easy approach like the one I tried, in which I used a chair as a model that was pre built. This approach helped me complete my task at a faster rate and much more easily. This made it seem like making a chair wasn’t a very difficult task to do. Focusing on the angles is the main thing you need to keep in mind while carving out the chair. Some of the most important angles while making the chair are the rear right and left arm support brackets.

Thereafter, it is about framing the chair. While doing this you need to be focused on watching and getting the angles correct. Attach the wide support back legs to small front support legs. Again, be careful while you work on the legs that are in the front. A 70-degree angle on both front and forth legs at about 50cm high would surely make the chair a comfortable one. Moving on, once the front legs are set, you will have to set the brace that is at the bottom for the back support. This is going to create the shape of the frame and would also, at the same time, set the level for the legs. After doing all this, set the upper back brace with the back legs so that you are able to complete your initial frame for the chair. Measuring your ski selections for the back of the chair, and varying lengths to create a small arch for the crown is very essential as well. You might also think about using an angle grinder to cut through the ski edge. To cut through the centre you will have to use your hacksaw.

Finally at the end of it, use the ski trails for the construction of the seat for your chair, making a cut based on the thickness of the ski. Remember that the seat of your chair might turn out to be a little frail if all the cuts are laid and set in the same direction.

Sitting back and relaxing on the chair that you made with your own hands is going to give you a feeling like you’ve never had.