More and more people are starting to run marathons, be it for their own fitness goals, or for spreading awareness about various issues. These marathon routes are also being increased because of the insatiable appetite of the runners to run a longer distance. Even the running slots sell out fast but how to keep up with this trend of running longer? Here are some tips I follow to increase my stamina and running endurance.

  1. Start off Slowly

As someone who is just starting to get in on the running circuit, it is advisable to go slow. You need not run or sprint right at the start. Be like a snail, run slowly with a rhythm in your body and at a steady pace. If you feel like you are running out of breath or you are not able to chat normally while running, take a breather and slow down and start again.

Fast running or sprinting gives a different sort of adrenaline rush that one must experience but not when they are just starting out. When it’s about increasing your endurance and stamina, focus on going slow and increasing your pace slowly.

  1. Run-Walk Strategy Comes Next

Olympic winner Galloway’s Book on Running is sure to make you familiar with this concept of the Run-Walk strategy while you are trying to increase your endurance. The system works in such a way that you break up your running distance into manageable parts in ratios such as 1:2 or 2:3 and so on. For example, you run for a minute, walk for 2 minutes and end it with a 1-minute sprint. This strategy helps your body relax and you can gain your breath while you walk.  

  1. Don’t Tire Yourself Out Right at the Start

As a new runner, you should start off slowly and work up your way to increasing your speed as well as your distance. Jumping into things too fast is never a good idea. You can slowly start adding up miles to your daily track.

As a runner myself, I feel like I should share this with you. No matter how much endurance you have built, remember not to increase your running volume by more than 10 per cent. Add only a couple of minutes to your run every week.

  1. Take the Road Not Taken

Many people run on pavements or in local parks but combining your running routine with a trail-run will not only help increase endurance but you can also enjoy the outdoors and find it refreshing rather than tiring.

Don’t worry if you are taking a bit longer to cover the same distance you are used to run on the pavements or flat surfaces. Running safely and steadily will help you strengthen and stabilize your muscles which will be helpful in the long run (pun intended).