We all love a clean and durable pair of shoes and boots that last us for a longer period of time. It also means that we have to take good care of them. It is always good to reuse your hiking boots or shoes and not replace them with a new one. If you do your bit, it gets easier to keep them clean and free.

Here is a quick guide to help you keep your walking boots and shoes:


Clean your shoes/boots right

If you have walked for a really long time, your shoes or boots are going to get worn out after a while. Chances are, they would be covered in mud and dirt. It is usually a bad sign for their longevity and performance. Your shoes would lose the grip and you would lose the footing. It also affects the waterproof nature and the breathability of the boots.

It is always advisable to give your boots and shoes a good cleaning after you have used them. Don’t let the dirt accumulate and loosen the grip. Splash your shoes through a puddle and wipe them through wet grass to take some of the dirt and mud off.

You can use a medium-stiff brush and some warm water to get the dirt off and steer away from detergents. You can scrape the mud off from the vamp and the upper gently and smooth the edges out. Before you start with the cleaning process, remove the laces and clean them separately. This also allows for you to reach to harder places inside the shoe/boots.

Care for your boots

There are various boots which have some form of waterproof coating on the upper. It wears off after a certain period of time and constant wear-and-tear. It also is required to keep it soft and supple if the boots have leather upper or lining. After a point of usage, it requires a new coat of waterproofing.

If your boots are slightly dry or damp, you need to make sure they are clean before you apply the new coating. You can use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess after you have generously applied. You can check recommendations by the manufacturer before applying waterproof coating or any other coating over your boots.

Steps to clean your boots:

  • Clean the outside of the boots and wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth or with a medium stiff brush.
  • Remove excess dirt from the outsole.
  • Dry naturally and then fill the boots with cloth or paper from the inside to keep the shape sturdy.
  • Apply the waterproof coating or conditioner often after coming from your trips.


Drying your hiking shoes/boots

Once you have taken care of the cleaning part, it is time to take care of the drying part. Leave your boots to dry and don’t leave them next to fire or radiator as it can cause your boots to crack or warp in an uneven shape. Synthetic boots are prone to warping and cause problems while wearing.

It is always better for your boots to dry naturally as it causes your boots or shoes to retain their shape. It is also softer to wear as it doesn’t go through any other man-made process. You can then apply a generous amount of coating to make it look like a brand new footwear.

Make your boots and hiking shoes last long by taking care of them. Reuse them and repurpose them once you have used them.