A term coined by one of the famous survey, ‘Ordnance Survey’, this ‘Get Outside Day’ is to encourage more people to go outside on a daily basis. People do not go for outdoor activities much and this survey is an example of it. It therefore, encourages as many people as possible to go outside and have fun with their friends and family.

Outdoors with friends is easy and fun! I love going outdoors with my friends and spend time with nature. Macclesfield forest is one such place where we are actually closure to the place and it is quite exciting. It is closer to my place and a forty minute drive to the area. My friend and I were travelling with John before he moved back to Australia. It was a suggestion from his side that we go to this nearby forest and spend some time with the nature.

It was Sunday morning and we were pleased to see that the weather was in a great mood. It was sunny outside and we were off to a great start. The weather was 20 degrees which was the highest for the day. We set off with our sun lotion and hats and got ready for the trail. The sun had hidden behind big Columbus clouds and the temperature was nowhere near what was predicted of it. Thankfully, we had covered ourselves with thin fleece blankets which we took just in case the weather changes drastically.

One of the longest of the trail routes was the Red route. It is distanced at nine kilometres. This walk has nicely laid-out forests, and a mesmerising natural beauty to look at. Tall trees and the silhouette of the trees were something to look at. We talked for hours and headed off to the next spot.

Activity day

My friend and I usually love to pick out an activity during the weekend and have a merry time with our friends. The forest has beautiful berries which you can pick and have a taste of it. It is a healthy activity to do with your friends as you engage more with the nature. There are a lot of other activities which you can select with your friends. It is something to look forward to.

Downhill Slope

There is a nice thing about the Macclesfield forest. It is very well signposted. It is because of these marking points that it gets easy to manoeuvre through the dense forest. We didn’t take long enough to figure out the route and then follow back to our starting place. It was the dark tree canopies which brought a lot of shade to the forest and made it a piece of cake for us. The sun couldn’t beat us to it and we were able to walk comfortably through the forest.

A quick pit stop

Our walk wouldn’t have had been complete without a quick pit stop for tea and cake. My friends and I went for a cake stop and had a delicious flavoured cake which was filling. We had a stunning view in front of us and we could talk for hours just sitting there and looking at the wonderful view in front.

The clouds came back

We ran towards our parking spot after we heard a loud thunder of the big clouds. If you are planning to go to this forest and have a good time with your friends and loved ones, it is a great choice to go for the ‘Get Outside Day’. It is advised to go prepared either with the sunscreen or to take an extra fleece blanket with you just in case. It brings a lot of people the happiness and serenity they seek for.