Camping is all about spending time in the outdoors. But it is hard to do that once the moon takes away our natural source of light. Surely the bonfire is amazing, sitting around it, sharing stories, roasting marshmallows and getting cosy under the star filled sky is lovely but once that dies down, our safety is our own responsibility. Here is a list of a few options that might come in handy on your next trip.

Get Acquainted with Lumens First!

The thirst for the best quality camping lights can only be quenched if you are familiar with lumens. It is the unit that is used to measure a certain amount of light given by the source in question. The higher the value of lumen, the farther your light will show the way. However, Watts just measures energy use rather than the output.
If you do consider this option, it is essential that you are aware of the fact that Lumens usually come with a short battery life. A common flashlight uses about 10-30 lumens, then 35-60 lumen providing source is enough for carrying on a camping trip.

Lanterns - Go the Old-Fashioned Way

Keep in mind, this option is not old-fashioned anymore. It is perfect for providing soft and dim lighting in your tent. While the classic headlamp provides enough light for playing a card game or having supper, a minimalist option would be more suitable if you are looking for something for the tent. They often come with a clip that can be clipped to a hook or gear loft inside or outside the tent.

Headlamps - A Smart Choice

As the name suggests, a headlamp offers a hands-free lighting solution to campers and backpackers. It is highly useful while setting up camp at night or collecting firewood after sun-down. They are also available with various brightness and colour settings. Some options also provide settings which are more considerate of your camp-mates as they come with less-intense red or blue setting, allowing a clear view of the close-range items.


Flashlights - The Most Reliable

Apart from being the most common of all the options, flashlight is not just good for use inside the house but can also prove helpful in the wilderness. This hand-held device is perfect for use on a dark evening in the wilderness to guide the way. However, make sure to keep an eye out for a flashlight with a clip on its side that can be easily attached to your pocket or belt loop to keep your hands free.

If you are just a novice or someone who doesn’t camp that often, then these pointers about the types of lights you should look for will help you plan a fun and magical camping trip with your loved ones.