Camping out in the wild sounds like an exciting idea. The idea behind camping is to enjoy and admire nature in its purest form. Cooking food while camping is fun as it helps you experiment. You can add local produce to conventional recipes in order to make them exciting.

In order to cook food, you’d be needing cooking gear. Cooking at a camping site would require a wide variety of cooking gear.

Building a Fire for the Fire Grate

Lighting a fire at a campsite is perhaps the most exciting thing. The excitement and thrill of attempting to light the fire using traditional methods is exactly what makes the experience worthwhile and memorable.

You need to have a sufficiently large area in order to burn a fire. Then, you need to make sure that rocks surround the fire area. The circle created should be in tandem with the size of your cooking vessel.

While lighting a fire, you need to keep the following things in mind:

- Ensure that the pit of fire is sufficiently deep to prevent the flames from getting close to you
- Make sure to subdue the fire a bit before cooking your feel
- Make sure that the fire has simmered down a bit

The Utensils You’d Be Needing

- A spoon
- A spork
- A cooking pot
- A frying pan (a skillet can also work)
- Plates and bowls
- Drinking cups
- Sticks for roasting

You Can Also Try Open-Flame Cooking

It is, in all fairness, the simplest and the most basic of all cooking techniques. The general idea behind open-flame cooking is to hold a pan over a flame. However, there’s a lot more to open-fire cooking than just heating a pan over the fire.

Grilling Can Also Be an Alternative

Camping is no fun without a nice grilling session wherein you grill your favourite meat and a few hearty veggies. Some people nurture this belief that a camping adventure is incomplete sans grilled food.

Here’s a List of Food Items That Can Be Grilled

- Sandwiches
- Veggies
- Steaks
- Kebabs
- Corn
- Chopped pork
- Salmon

Dry Food Can Also Work

Carrying dry foods such as nuts and fruits can help you charge yourself while you’re making your way to the campsite. These can be eaten quickly and without any kind of preparation. Also, they provide you with instant energy.

 You can have the following nuts

- Almonds
- Sunflower Seeds
- Cashew nuts
- Pistachio
- Walnuts
- Peanuts

You can also carry the following fruits with you:

- Cherries
- Raisins
- Banana chips
- Apples
- Apricots
- Cranberries

Moving on, here are a few innovative cuisine ideas you can try while camping:

For Breakfast:

- Potatoes (mashed)
- Grilled sandwiches
- Boiled eggs
- Peanut Butter with sandwiches
- Yogurt
- Pancakes

For Lunch:

- Vegetable sandwiches
- Grilled fish
- Grilled corn
- Vegetable rolls

For Dinner:

- Pizzas
- Campfire curries
- Kebabs
- Salmon
- Veggies

Ingredients You Can Use:

- Olive oil
- Onions
- Eggs
- Tomato (chopped)
- Cumin seeds
- Coriander (chopped)
- Hot sauce
- Black Beans
- Cheese
- Corn
- Eggs

Preparing food for camping is an exciting exercise. You just need the appropriate cooking equipment and innovation.