We are all looking forward to a long hot British summer, lighter evenings and the opportunity to go for a walk after work, but we are all worldly wise enough to realise that when you are choosing your outdoor gear online, then even in the summer we don’t forget to consider one particular element – RAIN!!

Even when we are choosing the latest kit, whether it’s shorts and technical t-shirt to keep us comfortable when out walking in the warmth there is always a space in the rucksack for that other side of the British Summer – RAIN. Whether it’s a short shower, a bit of drizzle or that big old thunderstorm, how do we go about choosing? There appears to be so many different types of jacket and so many different technologies. Well here are a few things to consider

Waterproof and/or breathable Material

Weight of Garment


Look for hardwearing materials

Look for snag-free factory sealed seams, as this is the most likely point where leaks will first develop

Detachable Hood – needs to be adjustable, always useful to be able to get a hat underneath, drawcords are great for making everything stay in place.

Storm Flaps – The piece of fabric that covers the main zip, usually fastened into place by Velcro

Pockets – should have a flap covering the zip to ensure water doesn’t get inside. Always make sure there are enough pockets so that the essentials can be at hand and you wouldn’t have need to rummage in a rucksack in the rain unless absolutely necessary.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but should be a good start to help you choose the piece of it. Test it out by going through and seeing what items from the website it leads you to.