An adventurous activity needs proper planning before venturing into it. If you are backpacking for the first time, you need to get a few essentials that help make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. Investing in backpacking gear can be costly for you. But I have come up with a list of budget-friendly backpacking gear for you.

A Good Tent

The most important backpacking gear is a camping tent. A tent is your only shelter during camping. A lightweight tent, weighing less than 4 lbs, will not feel bulky when packed in your backpack. A decent floor area of around 30 square feet should be enough to keep your things and stay comfortable in the tent.

Comfortable Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is essential for a restful sleep during camping. Before buying a sleeping bag, you must consider the insulation and temperature value, shape, and weight. Bags with a synthetic fabric will keep you warm in the winter and rainy seasons.

Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is a protective layer between the surface of the floor and your body. They are available in a wide variety such as self-inflating pads, closed-cell foam, etc.


To keep your gear you'll need a good backpack. Bags with a large number of compartments will help you to organise and manage a wide variety of gear and accessories. You should also seek out a bag that has adequate padding and comfort features to help your trip go smoothly.

The Right Hiking Boots

Having the right pair of boots is extremely important to ensure safety on hard trails. Boots with features like Gore-Tex waterproofing and a good, supportive sole will ensure that you don't end up with unnecessary aches and pains on your big trip out.

First Aid Kit

When you camp in the wilderness, there are chances of injuries. While you wait to get the proper medical help, you must have a first aid kit for immediate treatment.


A headlamp is necessary for the night and for the area with low lighting. A good headlamp should carry enough illumination to light your way, as well as being equipped with waterproofing features.

Water Filter

You must ensure that the water you are drinking is clean. The waterborne bacteria in the lake or pond water make it unsafe to drink. A water filter converts the dirty water into clean drinking water.


Hiking in the woods without a compass can create a problem for you if you forget the directions. The compass helps you find your way when you are clueless.

These are some of the essential backpacking gear that’ll make your backpacking trip sorted.