Are you thinking of something adventurous this vacation? And climbing a mountain is on your mind? Then, you must know all the challenges that you are going to face. There are many factors that decide the difficulty level of mountain climbing and that includes climbing skills, physical fitness and more.  It differs from person to person. If you are an expert, it is an easy activity for you. But if you are a beginner, it can be impossible to manage.

With that being said, the most important part of climbing is a harness. A harness keeps you protected from falling down. You must put on a harness for your safety. For those who are familiar with a harness and its usage, they are not going to face any problem wearing it. But for those who’ll use it for the first time, it may be impossible to put on.

You can learn to wear a climbing harness in just a few simple steps given below.

1. Open the Leg-Loop Buckles and Waistbelt

Loosen up the leg loops and the waist belt of the harness to open them wide. You can do this by webbing through the adjuster on the belt. You have to only loosen the loops and waist belt, don’t unfasten them fully.

2. Undo All the Twists

Check the harness carefully for any twists in the leg loops and the waist belt. If you find any, undo them by looking at the stretchable straps that join the waist belt and the loops together.

3. Pull up the Harness

Keep the harness on the ground, step into the leg-loops and pull the harness up. See that the waist belt fits properly above your hips and the leg-loops around the thighs.

4. Secure the Leg-Loop Buckles and Waistbelt

Secure the leg-loop buckles and the waist belt tightly. So that the waist belt does not slip down. To check whether the buckles are tight or not, you can use your hand. You have to insert your hand between your waist and the belt. Try to pull out your hand by making a fist. If you are able to take out your fist easily, you’ll need to tighten it more. Follow the same trick for the leg loops.

5. Make Sure to Double-Back the Buckles

You need to make sure to double-back all the buckles of the harness. It provides additional protection by tightening the harness. There are harnesses that come with either auto or manual double-back configuration.

6. Check It Twice Whether You’ve Worn It Correctly or Not

You need to check your harness twice for any twists in the waist belt and the loops. Check it carefully that you have double-backed all the buckles.

A Tip: Every harness comes with a user- manual that gives you the instructions to wear the harness. It has all the information about the type of buckles and their mechanism. It is a must that you read that manual for your convenience.

Wear your harness following these steps and you are ready to rock-climb.