We think it’s absolutely essential to all businesses, clubs and teams, but some people are still unsure whether or not to take the plunge.

We’ve drawn up a list of seven places where having your clothing personalised can make all the difference. See if you fall into any of these categories…

1. Are your staff out and about, even if only on their lunch break? Then adding your logo and company name to your workwear could be a fantastic way to help promote the brand and gain some advertising!

2. Do your staff need to attract attention? People who work in the events industry or security often need to stand out from the crowd and be on hand to help people. Having the right information printed or embroidered onto clothing can give them the edge.

3. If you run a shop you may wish to help promote a sale or event by advertising it on specially made t-shirts or add it to existing uniforms. This will certainly increase awareness, and could put more money through the till.

4. Similarly to point number three, if you have started, or currently work for a charity you may wish to make the campaign known more widely, or make yourself stand out from the public when having an event or collection. Personalised t-shirts and tops will give you this right away.

5. Is your area of work highly competitive? Having a uniform with branding on it, will help you stand out, and give you a professional look to customers in what is a cluttered marketplace. Getting your name out there is essential, so take advantage or embroidery and printing options today.

6. Sports teams will want to take advantage of embroidery to get their club crest onto shirts and training gear. At Brookes we have many sports shirts available for embroidery right now.

7. Similarly, social clubs or those who host regular gatherings of like-minded people may wish to create an embroidered polo shirt, jumper or jacket to give a sense of togetherness and a sense of belonging.

So as you can see, there are many uses for embroidered or printed clothing, and some good cases for why you should make sure you get it on your workwear or clothing. It’s all about standing out form the crowd, and giving people a reason to choose you over another.

With embroidered and printed clothing, you’re already on the way to creating a successful brand, company or club image which will live long in the memories of members and customers.

For more information about getting any item of clothing available on this website personalised, contact our friendly sales team on 0844 209 6389 and they will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.