Whilst we’re out and about enjoying a camping trip, many of us set up a campfire. As great as it can be, it’s important that we are fully aware of the dangers and what we can do to avoid them.


1. Do you need a campfire?

The first thing to ask yourself is: do you need a campfire? As great as they are, there may be a better option. Whether you’re setting it up to provide light or to cook food, there are always other options that can be used.

2. Use previously occupied campfire rings

If you’re camping in a popular spot, it’s likely that there will somewhere be previously set-up campfire rings. These pre-made rings will allow you to set up your campfire there without the fuss of creating another spot – or the disruption to the area that it may cause.

3. Be careful where you set up

If you’re setting up a brand new campfire, selecting a suitable area to set it up is the first and perhaps, most important thing to consider. Find an area that is a good distance away from any trees, bushes or tall grass. Make sure to keep any firewood well away too!

4. Set it up properly

Surround the newly set-up campfire with big, clean rocks. Make sure that it is dug deep into ‘clean’ dirt, around several inches. The larger the fire, the more difficult it can be to control – so limiting it at around four feet in size should be done.

5. Never leave the fire unattended

Fire is unpredictable, so leaving it unattended is definitely not a good idea. If you’re in a group, take it in turns to look after and keep an eye on it. If you’re camping solo, then it’s best to explore other options.

6. Be prepared to put it out at all times

Even if the fire is being watched, it’s of course still possible that an accident could happen. To put it out, you’ll need water, so it’s always advisable to have a large amount of water, in a bucket or container, ready at all times.

7. Always put the fire out and check that it’s safe

When you’re going to sleep or moving away from the area, always put the fire out. You should then wait at least thirty minutes before your focus is changed. Check around the area and ensure that it is cool and safe. Dirt can hide and smoulder a flame for a lengthy period of time, so never use it as a way to put it out.

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