If you’re a parent and love being outdoors, you know it well how difficult it can be to step outside with your baby. Winter can be really tough for your little one. The clothing can directly impact their enjoyment on every trip. Ensure that you make them wear clothes which are warm and not bulky at the same time. For those who want to head out with their baby in the colder months, here are 7 tips that will ensure their protection against the winter chill.

  1. Get a Convenient Kit

A convenient kit means clothes that do not have many zippers, side openings, or buttons. Get the warm base layers that are easy to wear and take off, otherwise it will take too much time to get your baby ready for an outdoor trip. It is advisable to invest in a full body suit as it has just a single opening that is easy to close.

  1. Layering is Must

Layering is must to ensure the protection of your baby in the cold weather. Get some warm jumpers, body suits, vests, etc. for them. When you’re out with your baby, you constantly walk, which keeps you warm, but they do not move; they cannot do anything to keep themselves warm. Make sure you wrap them well before leaving your house.

  1. Get a warm Hat

Remember that yours and your baby’s tolerance to cold is far different that you may think. So, it’s important to keep them warm and cosy. A hat will cover their head and ears whilst making them look cute. It will block out the cold air and traps in the heat of the baby’s body to provide them with warmth.

  1. Buy Clothes with Built-in Mittens

Your baby should feel comfortable in the clothes, so it’s important to get warm, non-bulky clothes for him or her. Instead of getting a pair of separate mittens, get a body-suit with built-in mittens that can be easily rolled over their fingers to keep their little hands warm and cosy. This versatile clothing will not make your baby feel bulky at all.

  1. Take care of your Baby’s entertainment

There is a lot happening around in summer such as birds chirping, leaves bustling, etc., but it can be quite dull and silent in winter. So, take care of your little one’s entertainment on the trip. You can follow a route that includes flora and fauna, let them play with toys, or talk to them. This will keep both of you busy and entertained.

  1. Follow Short Routes

The UK weather is unpredictable, so it is best to take shorter routes with your baby. Be prepared in advance for the harsh weather conditions. Carry rain gear such as waterproof covers for carriers and prams as they’re of great help when you’re a long way from your accommodation or vehicle. So, wisely plan your winter routes.

  1. Keep Checking your Little One

When you take your baby in a pram, it is easier for you to look after him or her, but when you carry them in a carrier, you’re not able to see their face. So, the best trick to keep checking your little one is to use a selfie mode on your mobile. This way you can constantly see if your baby is comfortable and also you can click as many pictures as you want.

These are my top 7 tips to keep your little one protected against the weather chill during a winter trip.