Camping is always considered to be a pleasurable experience. It provides an opportunity to explore an adventurous spirit inside you. People start planning for their camping trip in advance and ensure that they are all ready to take on the challenge. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are a few mistakes that almost everyone commits while camping. Read here about the 6 mistakes that make your camping trip more complex.

Blowing Your Sleeping Pad with Your Mouth and Ignoring the Insulation Value

Many people use their mouth to blow up their sleeping pad. The air that comes out of your mouth has high moisture that condenses faster than the dry air. The moisture in your breaths evaporates and lowers the air pressure inside the sleeping pad. The heat gets lost rapidly when breathe enters the pad. Therefore, you are suggested to use a pump to inflate your sleeping pad.

The insulation value of the sleeping pad is the rating that tells you about the level of warmth that it provides to a user. You must check the R-value while purchasing a sleeping pad. If you are planning to camp in winter season, look for a sleeping pad with higher R-value as it’ll keep you warm.

Guying out Tent Using Rocks and Not Using Guy Ropes

Never guy your tent out using the small rocks.  If the strong winds hit, there are chances that your tent also blows away with them. So you must ensure that either you guy it with the trees or use heavy rocks that can tolerate the wind of speed up to 40-mph. Also, you must know that the guy ropes keep the rain fly of the tent away from the mesh that traps the condensation that’ll disturb your sleep at night. Therefore, it is important to set up your tent properly using the guy ropes.

Avoid Hammering of Tent Stakes at an Angle

Generally people hammer the tent poles at an angle, but it has been observed in the studies that the straight hammering of the poles into the ground ensure greater stability. Tie the guy ropes at the 90° angle over the pole. The perpendicular setting of guylines with the tent stakes keeps your tent in place when the strong winds hit the tent.

Not Utilising the Straps of the Trekking Poles

The trekking poles come with the straps that provides stability during trekking. But most of the people do not utilise them. So to avoid injuries while hiking, use these straps. They are easy to use as you just have to insert your hand from the bottom and hold the pole. Hold the pole in such a way that your elbows make a 90° angle with it.

Not Taking Care of the Clean Drinking Water

Drinking clean water is necessary otherwise you’ll fall sick. You must filter the country water as there may be waterborne bacteria in that. For this, use a water filter. However, using a water filter does not always guarantee the purity of the water as you need to see that you do not keep the filtration hose connected with the dirty water source. If you have squeezed the filters ensure to close the lid tightly to avoid the mixing of dirty water with filtered water.

Tying your laces using the wrong technique

You must be thinking about the right technique to tie the laces. It is suggested not to tie the laces the way you usually do at home. There are three different ways to tie your laces on the trail that prevent you from getting injured. In order to protect your foot from slipping, tie a surgeon’s knot. The window lacing helps removes the pressure from the upper part of the foot.

As you know the mistakes committed by other people while camping, try to avoid them for an enjoyable camping experience.