Once winter has passed and the white blankets of snow have given way to greener pastures, snow addicts (yours truly included) are left with nothing to do but cry. During this time, one can either chill at home or find a new fascination in exploring the magic of spring before the summer strikes. My transformation into a hiker had a lot to do with the free time I had during weekends. The day I hit the trail for the very first time on my spring hike was the day that I reincarnated into this world as a spring hiker.

The time of spring has just the right blend of cold and warmth that turns a trudge in the wild into the expedition of a lifetime. However, a spring hike is not all rosy like the flowers blooming at this time of the year. With recently melted snow creating puddles of water all over the land, a hiker needs to take certain precautions before venturing out. Gathering the right gear should be at the top of your to-do list, followed by the route you will take. Selecting suitable gear can go a long way in making your adventure safe and comfortable.

Here are my favorite 5 spring hike gear items for making your experience wonderful:

1. An Ever-reliable Insulated Jacket

An insulated jacket that fits perfectly into your backpack is extremely important for a spring hiker. The spring season is notorious for varying temperatures, which can lead to health ailments like cough and cold. You may not require a jacket at all for your adventure, but keeping it in your backpack will give you the option to wear it, when the weather becomes cold and wet.

2. Packable Towel

After the winter is over, the trail becomes littered with water hazards like snow, puddles, and water crossings. Evading these obstacles without getting wet is almost impossible; I can tell you that from my experience. Getting wet not only drenches your cloths but also destroys your spirit. Packing a lightweight towel and using it for drying your body is a nice way to wipe away the hiking blues. My favorite ‘pack towel’ is an exceptional piece of hiking gear that I always keep on me to make sure that I always stay dry. It is compact in size and has very little weight. It dries fast and keeps me going in high spirits.

3. Waterproof Jacket

Leaving your waterproof jacket at home is a cardinal sin that no spring hiker should commit. A jacket that prevents moisture from seeping into your undergarments is a must for a healthy hiking experience. Go for a fully seam-sealed and lightweight jacket for a joyful journey in the spring time.

4. Chains/Spikes

Even in spring you can come upon terrains covered with a decent amount of snow. Bizarrely, I have noticed that the snow is generally found in areas that do not receive much sunlight. For a comfortable movement through the snow, I recommend that you use traction spikes. Available as chains or cleats, these spikes slip over most hiking boots and provide reliable grip on ice. If you are not a fan of wearing spikes, you can opt instead for a noble pair of trekking poles to add stability into your walk.

5. Waterproof Boots

Always select hiking boots that have a waterproof breathable membrane like Gore-Tex. Boots with breathability provide extra comfort when you have to wade through water. When you come upon puddles and muddy terrain, I urge you to go through them instead of going around them, in order to keep them in good condition. Following this practice will help to prevent needless erosion and keep our precious environment in a good state.