Waking up early can be tough at the best of times, but when you’re camping outside in low temperatures, leaving your warm and cosy sleeping bag can be a struggle.

Make it easier for yourself with these five top tips!


1. Pack in advance

Just like before you set off on your trip, leaving your packing to the day is not a good idea. Ensure that you’re fully prepared to tackle the day ahead as soon as you wake by packing everything that you won’t need during the night – and don’t forget to leave suitable amounts of room for your sleeping bag and tent!

2. Wear your clothes during the night

What clothes do you wear during the night? Reduce the time to waste by changing into your clothes for the next day, the night before. This will reduce the time that it will take to get ready in the morning and keep you warm during the night.

3. Include your clothes in your sleeping bag

If wearing your next-day clothes during the night doesn’t appeal to you, including some of them inside your sleeping bag to keep them warm is an option. Pulling on one of our warm fleece jackets when you’re cold after leaving your sleeping bag is always nice!

4. Prepare your footwear

Something which you will need to put on in the morning are your shoes or boots. Putting your feet into cool footwear is never fun, but by slackening your laces and by placing an item or two inside them to enable them to keep their shape, they’ll at least be easier to put on.

5. Stay in your sleeping bag for as long as you can

No, we’re not saying stay in your sleeping bag all day, we’re saying if you can pack things up whilst remaining warm, do it! Then when you do leave the warmth of your bag, you’re ready to tackle the day ahead which will soon warm you up.

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