Going on a mountain biking expedition is not just exciting, but it is equally nerve-wracking. It can be intimidating, especially for the beginners considering the risks involved. Biking on plains is a lot different from biking on high mountains. Apart from being a well-trained biker, you need to possess special skills to excel in this adventurous yet dangerous sport. Below are a few points to keep in mind before you hit the mountains with your new mountain biking obsession.

Physical Fitness-Staying fit is essential to be able to carry out a biking trail uphill. You also need to understand that riding a bike would mean a lot of cardio, swimming, running, weighted and body exercises.

You need all of this to go with the flow, instead of fighting your bike. Stay loose and remember, the more technical terrains, more room your bike takes to move. Also, train hard so that you have proper control over the bike and can maintain the momentum of the bike as and when you want. The key is-Speeding up or slowing down should be under your control. Maintaining your weight too is a big deal when you ride in the mountains. Professionals suggest that the weight of your body should fall on a forward tire to maintain traction.

Build up Your Mental Strength-Apart from being physically fit, one needs to train the mind to endure even the toughest of situations. It is a known fact that athletes give mental strength more importance than anything else. If you are mentally fatigued, then no matter how strong you are physically you will not be able to complete any task. Hence, most athletes include meditation in their daily routine. Having  good mental resilience can directly improve your performance in any sport.

Handling of Brakes and Gears-Before even hopping onto the bike, it is crucial for every rider to know that mountain bikes are usually more powerful than any normal bike. Hence, one should be aware of the functioning of the different parts of the bike to avoid any unnecessary and unwanted fall. Modulating the speed by using both the brakes is a No-No. Don’t give in to the temptation of pressing the brakes too often. The trick is to hit the rear brake instead of the front brake. You might skid but you won’t fall. Having a hands-on experience on the gears to maintain momentum is necessary.

Lookout for a Simple Trail for Your First Attempt- Choose a simple trail to go on. You don’t want to mess up things for yourself by choosing an unrealistic target. Follow the basic tips about riding a bike which includes keeping your chin level to the ground, eyes forward, and having a good peripheral vision to avoid hitting onto any rock or falling off your bike.

Know the Basics of Repairing- If you are determined to carry on with your mountain biking skills than knowing a trick or two to repair your bike in case of emergencies is the right thing to do. You should know how to fix a broken chain, how to replace a bent or cracked derailleur hanger. You should also know how to fix a flat tyre, in the hour of need. Updating yourself with this skill set will only enhance your expertise.

Riding in the mountains can be fun if you have good company. Taking your friends along on such adventures can be a perfect idea. A helping hand is never a bad thing. Apart from that, the company is never bad, it, in fact, raises the level of the challenge and enjoyment.