Planning a get-away trip in a caravan or a Motorhome is a great way to unwind in the countryside or somewhere peaceful and adventurous. Long distance travel requires you to consider all safety measures to avoid any circumstances that might cause harm to you or your vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle functioning properly and making sure that you have all the basic aid and gear to get you out of a bad situation will ensure you a safe journey. Below are some tips on keeping your car all prepped for your road trip:

Carry out a Thorough Inspection

A thorough inspection before you head-off on your trip is an excellent way to make sure that nothing is wrong with the vehicle. In case you find any fault, get it to a mechanic for a complete check-up. Also make sure to check the tyre pressure, headlights, battery and airbags.

MOT Check Up and Insurance

Check the MOT expiry date and get the complete test done at any of the nearby centres. Cars that are less than three years old are not eligible for the test. Generally, a regular servicing gets the car ready for a long trip. However, do not neglect any fault that you feel might get exaggerated while you are on the road. Moreover, your insurance documents must be complete and renewed if required. Compare car insurance quotes of various insurance companies to get the best deal for you and your car.

Check Fluid and Oil Levels

Oil and coolant levels must be checked and topped up if required. Make sure that you buy the product that is suitable for your car. While travelling in winter you must top-up the antifreeze liquid levels. This will keep your air conditioner and heater working in proper condition.

Get It Washed

Once the check-up is done, it is necessary that you get the car washed. Make sure that you get the rear and front windows cleaned from inside and outside, so that you get a better view when you are driving. Also, get all the dirt removed from the registration plates and headlights.

Make an Emergency Kit

This is one of the most important things that are a must when you go out on a road trip. Make a list of the items that you want to keep in the kit including a mobile charger, a first aid box, starter cables, reflective vest, flashlight and a red triangle. In case of a flat tyre during night time, you can use the red triangle and the reflective vest while changing the tyre. Remember to check the batteries of your torch so that you have enough power backup. The well organised first aid kit with basic bandage and medicines should be kept in the emergency kit. Keep the kit in the car where you can easily access it.

Following all these steps would ensure you to enjoy the trip and tackle any issues with complete control over the situation.