Now that winter has officially come to a close, spring into action and enjoy some backpacking. Here are the main reasons why you should!

Getting Ready

The anticipation and the excitement that comes when you’re planning a backpacking trip. You’ll need to plan what you need to bring – and then pack all of your gear as neatly as possible. Remember, the more specific the list – the less times you’ll have to re-pack.

Physical challenge

When you’re on the trail, not only will you be walking long distances for large periods of time, but you’ll also be carrying a heavy load on your back. This is challenging and something that you’ll need to be fully prepared for – what better incentive to go to pay your local gym a visit?

Mental challenge

Not only will you be tested physically but mentally, too. As you’re away enjoying the outdoors, a good distance from the safety that home brings, you have to be an excellent problem solver – depending on the problems that you may face. Trying to judge how long you have until the next rainfall or repairing a broken tent pole are both issues that could potentially arise.



Often backpackers are not alone in the wilderness, but travel in groups. This is definitely a help as you won’t be alone in having to fix or a find a solution to any issues. As you’re solving these challenges and hopefully enjoying each other’s company, you’ll create a bond which will hopefully lead to a long-term friendship. You might even meet new people!


The definition of the word ‘awe’ is ‘a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder’ – which is exactly how you feel whilst backpacking and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

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